How to manage your new rides

Information about how to manage your new ride requests, how to quote and book new rides

New Rides

This section shows all ‘New Ride’ requests that are currently ‘open’ on the Cabmania system and match the ‘Home Areas’ on the account.
The ‘New Rides’ screen shows ‘Open’ status for rides requests that have not yet been quoted by the driver and that the journey time has not elapsed /expired yet.
To get more details on this request, click on the ‘plus sign’ to the left of the job number.This will expand job details of that particular request.
When placing a new ride request, customers can enter a proposed price they re willing to pay. If they have done so you can have the option to accept this sum by clicking “book it now” or offer a different price (‘Quote it’ by either increasing or decreasing the amount) or even delete the job without taking any action.
Here, you can also choose to sort the list perhaps for easier viewing by clicking on one of the titles; ‘Ride’, ‘From’, ‘To’, ‘Date’, or ‘Status’ and you can only use one of these categories at a time, so for instance you can either sort the list by clicking on ‘Date’ or ‘Ride’.

Quote it

If you want to revise a customer’s bid price, the details can be amended in the box next to the green ‘Quote it button’; the date and time for which the revised bid would be valid for can also be amended here.
Check all the necessary fields and then click on ‘quote it’. When you ‘quote’ for a job in the ‘New Rides’ screen, it is immediately moved into your ‘Open Rides.
An e-mail notification with the changes is sent to the customer for approval; they can then decide to either ‘Book it now’ or even ‘Cancel the ride’.
They could also decide to contact you directly, in which case you would receive an e-mail directly from the customer to your inbox with the query.

Book it now

If you are happy with the customer’s bid price then clicking on the green ‘Book it now’ button means you are accepting the customer’s price as well as the time and special requirements (if applicable).
Once the ‘Book it now’ button is clicked, a notification is sent to the customer and the ride is immediately moved into the ‘Open’ jobs screen, with the status changed to ‘Accepted’.

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