Manage your home areas

Information about your home areas, how to manage those, how to add, delete or update areas.

Home Area tab

Home areas - description

Home areas are the areas you wish to either pick up ‘From’ or drop off ‘To’.
It will usually be the area where your office is located or the area in which you wish to centre your activity.
You can have as many Home areas’ as you need and you would receive ‘New Rides’ either ‘To’ or ‘From’ these areas.
This section allows you to update your working area by selecting specific location (s) to add to your profile. E.g. If you wanted to cover the Milton Keynes area, you’d get ride requests from Cabmania that either emanate from that area, or have that area as their destination.

When a specific location(s) is added to your ‘Home Area’, Cabmania is able to send you ride requests ‘To’ or ‘From’ these areas; these would show immediately in your ‘New Rides’ tab.

It is important to note you do not need to have both destination and pickup location marked to get a request, it is enough to have just one of these as a home area in order to get requests to or from that area.

So for instance, if a customer wanted a ride from London Heathrow to Milton Keynes, you would receive this ride in your ‘New Rides’ tab to quote.
If you have a booking going to an area you do not regularly cover you can temporarily add this area as a new “home area” and you will be able to see all open ride request in this area. This will potentially allow you to get a return journey from this area instead of returning empty.

Your ‘Home Area’ is represented by a ‘pin’ on the map, with a circle that represents the radius around that point.
You can have more than one working area which you can add or remove at any time.
You can use the map tool to drag the map up, down left and right, as well as zoom in and out.

Using the ‘Home Areas’ tool to fill in ‘Dead Rides’

‘Home Areas’ is a very powerful tool which can assist you to fill in ‘dead rides’ (this is an empty ride on the return leg after completing an ‘Open journey’). Within a minute of updating and saving your ‘Home Areas’, we would send you all the current ‘Open Ride’ requests in the new areas which you could then use to fill in any ‘dead rides’. For instance, if you are working around the London area and you have a ride booked for Manchester, you could temporarily add ‘Manchester’ to your home areas to see if there are any ‘New Rides‘ that you can book for the return leg instead of a ‘dead ride’ return.


To add ‘home areas’ to your profile:

  1. Enter / type in the location you require in the ‘Find’ box. 
  2. Click find. 
  3. When the area is located, it will show in the map on the right; use the map tool to navigate the map.


To ‘add a zone (s)’ to your home area:

  1. Once a location has been established as shown above, click ‘Add zone’ to add to your ‘home area’.
  2. Double-click on the ‘map pin’ to amend the radius to your requirements. The red round circle indicates the radius from the selected location; you can either increase or decrease it by entering the distance required in the ‘Radius box’ which pops up within the map.
  3. Click on ‘Save’ to save details to your ‘home area’.

Repeat steps 1 – 6 to add more locations. You can als