How It Works

1 Tell us where you wish to work

Do you wish to work around the airport, or maybe focus on your local town? Just tell us and we’ll match the rides for you.

Taxi driver selects his working area using a google map
2 Let us know about your unique services

Are you driving an executive car, or maybe a can that’s wheelchair accessible? Can you provide a child seat or drive pets? This is your chance to stand out from the crowd by promoting your special services.

Taxi driver selects special services executive car, wheelchair accessible car, child seat, child booster seat
3 We advertise for you

This is how we get our customers. There is no magic here. Our advertising campaign targets millions each month! This is how we get our leads, and we will foward these to you.

Cabmania sends ride requests information by email or text SMS message to drivers mobile device, drivers can bid on a ride using mobile device
4 Each relevant lead will be sent immediately to you

by text message or email.It’s also available on your personal website, accessible through a mobile device.

5 You price the ride

Now it’s up to you. You price the ride. If you wish you can set a time limit or place several offers, such as a full price for late booking and a promotional price for early birds.

6 If the customer is happy, you get the job

We send you both all the ride details. You will get his contact details, exact location and all the relevant information of the ride, so if there is any change you can discuss it with him.

7 At the end of the ride, the customer pays you directly

We do not charge the customer for the ride. He pays you directly the full agreed price.

We help you to reduce your costs and increase your efficiency by helping you with your dead rides.


How much does it cost?

Pay only 10.0% fee on your bookings made through our system.

No monthly fees. No contract. No commitment.

Please refer to our pricing page for full details.

Please refer to our full terms and conditions.


Note: Cabmania® is not a provider of taxi or private hire services to the general public & accordingly is not registered as an operator of taxi or private hire services.

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