Airport Mistakes You Could Be Making

Ensure that your next trip is stress-free by making sure that you are not falling for these big airport no-nos:

1. Failing to check in online

This can be a massive mistake as a lot of airlines overbook their flights. Check in online as soon as it is available. If you do find yourself in a position where they have overbooked, check out or blog, what to do if your flight is delayed or oversold.

2. Not having the airline app

Most carriers have apps now that will tell you if your flight has been delayed, cancelled or if the gate has changed. You won’t have to keep running to find an information screen!

3. Wearing the wrong clothing

Choose comfort over style when it comes to flying. You want to dress to get through security easily and quickly, as well as being comfortable throughout your flight. Things with metal pieces and buttons will be a security nightmare. Easy slip-on shoes are better than fiddly laces when you are forced to undress on the go.

4. Using airport Wi-Fi for personal info

Free airport Wi-Fi is an excellent way to while away some time before a flight, but bear in mind that it’s not secure. It’s a public Wi-Fi network, meaning that if you enter any passwords, people could potentially access this information and you could find your accounts hacked and your bank account empty. 

5. Not labelling and marking your luggage

Or even worse. Realising that you left it open. Before you leave the house do a quick check of the luggage, lock them with mini padlocks, ensure that they are labelled and tie something bright like a length of ribbon around the handles. If you lose your luggage, take a look at our blog, how to claim compensation for lost, damaged or delayed luggage.

Next time you fly, book your airport transfer in advance with Booking your airport taxi in advance online had many advantages. Check out our blog to find out how you could save money with advance booking.

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