The 10 cheapest places for a beach holiday in 2017

Summer is almost here! Every year the Post Office Travel Money releases a report with the 19 cheapest places to holiday in Europe. They base this on several holiday expenses such as the price of a three-course dinner for two, cup of coffee, sun cream, a bottle of beer, bottle of water, glass of wine and other common travel essentials.

We bring you the top 10 cheapest places to holiday in Europe in 2017

10. Zante, Greece £82.36

Zante or you might be more familiar with the name Zakynthos. A bottle of local beer should set you back just £1.31 and a glass of wine £1.31.

9. Crete, Greece £81.84

In Crete, you can enjoy a two-course evening meal with house wine for £41.05.

8. Limassol, Cyprus £79.89

Cyprus’s second largest city, Limassol is appealing to those both seeking a beach holiday and to those interested in the island’s culture with its museums and archaeological sites. A two-course lunch for two costs £18.26

7. Porec, Croatia £79.08

Porec is an ancient Roman town entirely devoted to tourism. Grab a coffee for just £1.34. 

6. Costa Blanca, Spain £75.56

The unique landscape of Costa Blanca is marked by orange and almond trees. A 1.5-litre bottle of mineral water is just 20p!

5. Paphos, Cyprus £74.32

Paphos is an ideal destination for families, with plenty of sunshine and activities. Enjoy a three-course evening meal for two in Paphos, with house wine for just £33.11.

4. Marmaris, Turkey £68.13

A popular and resort town, Marmaris is for those who like a lively holiday!  Grab some insect repellent from just £2.73. A two-course lunch for two will set you back around £6.81, without drinks.

3. Costa del Sol, Spain £60.65

Still very popular with British holidaymakers, you’ll find lots of bargains at the Costa del Sol. Sun cream is just £4.32, English newspapers £1.36 and £1.75 for a bottle of local beer.

2. Algarve, Portugal £58.38

Beautiful beaches and a balmy climate attract many holiday goers to the Algarve every year. You can grab a coffee for just 61p a local beer for £1.05 and a three-course evening meal for two with house wine for just £26.21.

And number 1 is…. Sunny Beach, Bulgaria £37.33

Sunny Beach is still the cheapest place to visit in Europe, unchanged from last year. It’s not surprising with prices as low as 70p for a bottle of local beer and just £5.58 for a lunch for two.

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