Flying with the kids – our top tips

With half-term already upon us, it won’t be long until the kids break up for summer. If you are treating the family to a well deserved holiday this year, we have some top tips for flying with kids. Also check out our blog for tips for travelling with kids and toddlers for more advice on how to plan your holiday.

Dress Comfortably

Leave out comfy clothes for everybody to wear to the airport. The weather in the UK is so unpredictable and on a plane you can go from hot to cold in an instant. Layers that you can pop on and off are best for travelling. A hoodie or shawl can even double up as a blanket if someone wants to take a nap.

Bring a Stash of Goodies!

Prepare sandwiches, rolls or something that everyone will enjoy. Preferably take a selection of goodies and snacks for the family to munch on while waiting around and spending long hours on the plane. Here are some great snack ideas for inspiration.

Be Organised

For simple check-in and security, have one adult take charge of all the passports and hold the boarding passes on their phone with the airline’s mobile app. Once everyone is passed a certain point, the passports are collected again and slipped into a sealed bag for safety.

Pack Sensibly

Likewise, pack all of the family’s electronic equipment that will have to be removed from bags to go through security in one carry-on bag. That means iPads, laptops, large cameras and other electrical equipment. At the time of writing, Kindles and phones don’t need to be removed but that could change again. Make sure no one is carrying any random liquids in their bags before you get to the airport! Something as small as a little bottle of eye drops will cause an embarrassing hold up.

Flight Entertainment

Here are some great ideas for keeping your kids entertained on the flight, from Play-Doh to Lego! According to Professor Robert Winston, old fashioned hands-on games and activities are the best ways to keep kids entertained on long flights. Bringing out toys at different intervals will keep kids quiet for longer and are preferable to watching shows on tablets. This was discovered during a social experiment on a two-hour flight. (Daily Mirror)

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