The advantages of booking your taxi online in advance

Booking your taxi in advance online has many benefits and it’s now a much easier process thanks to our handy mobile app and easy to use website. It’s a much simpler process than phoning around cab companies for quotes.

Why book your taxi online in advance?

  1. You’ll Save Money

With cabmania, advance booking usually secures the best rates. Cabbies bid for your fare so booking in advance when they may not be fully booked up will get you the best deals.

2.   Less Stress

Knowing that your taxi is booked before hand saves you the worry and stress of the last minute rush before you travel.

3.   Save Time

Online booking with gives you access to quotes from several cab companies at once, so it saves you time phoning different companies to compare prices.

4.   Written Record

You’ll get an email confirmation with the information of the cab company that you are booked with. This makes it easier to keep track of everything. If you’d like further confirmation of your booking before you travel, you can get in touch with your chosen cab company using the contact details provided with the booking confirmation.

5.   User Ratings

With online bookings, cab companies are usually rated and reviewed so you can base your decision on reliability as well as price. 

6.   Book Any Time

You can book online any time that’s convenient for you. With you’ll receive quotes from different companies and you choose who you’d like to book with based on price and user ratings.

7.   Fixed Price

When you book online, all of the details about your journey are recorded and the quote is based on all of the information provided. There are no surprises with the fare at the end of the journey. The price that you are quoted is the price that you’ll pay.

The next time you travel, book your cab online with Download the free app for iPhone or Android, or use the website for a quick and easy quote.

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