Top tips for getting the most out of your next trip

Even if you are not a seasoned traveller, you can learn to follow your intuition rather than the guidebook to get the most out of your next trip.

Eat Locally

Rather than looking at TripAdvisor, ask the locals where they like to eat. You might not only save money but discover something delicious that you’d never have tried.

Learn the Local Language

If you’re going to approach people, it’s best to have a few basic sentences in the local language. Even if they speak English, the locals will appreciate the effort.

Learn the Public Transport System

Familiarise yourself with the local public transport system and the method of payment. It’s usually the best way to get around and often see the sights. Take London for example. A bus is a cheap way to get a tour of the city.


Go off the beaten track and explore new neighbourhoods. Stray away from the tourist hotspots and discover new places. Watch how the local people live. You’ll really get a feel for the culture and people in a way that you can’t in a town or city filled with tourists.

Be Safe

Tourists are a target for crime. Have your wits about you at all times whilst travelling and never leave your belongings unattended. Read our blog on How to Protect Yourself from Pickpockets and Thieves when Travelling Abroad.

When Souvenir Shopping…

Forget the tacky souvenir shops. By from local artisans in the markets or small shops. You’ll get quality, authentic souvenirs instead of overpriced tat that’s probably made cheaply abroad.

Visit the Local Markets

Visit the local markets, full of fresh produce, cheeses and artisan-produced foods. Often, you’ll spot things that we pay a fortune for back home selling for a fraction of the price.

Dress up and Hit the Town

Wherever you go, always make time to dress up and head out in the evening. You may find a place that’s quiet by day is buzzing with life at night. Nighttime brings a new ambience.

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