How to keep yourself entertained on a long flight

It can be difficult to keep boredom at bay whilst travelling. Knowing that you are stuck on a plane with no escape for hours on end doesn’t help. If you are lucky, you can snooze the hours away. Some of us may need a little more advance preparation to keep ourselves entertained. We have some ideas to keep you busy the next time you fly.

1. Read a Book

Sounds obvious. Have you ever packed your books in your suitcase and forgotten all about the flight? I have. If you have a Kindle, make sure to download your books in advance and ensure it’s well charged.

2. Watch a Box Set

If there’s something you’ve been planning to watch for ages but haven’t gotten around to it, now is the time. You’ll need a bit of forward planning for this. Download the episodes onto your iPad or laptop for offline viewing using Netflix, iTunes or Amazon. Sit back and let the hours roll by!

3. Clean up your Phone

This is the one task everyone puts off. Having a few hours with no Wi-Fi is a great opportunity to clean up your phone by deleting old contacts, images and apps you don’t use. You can even sort your apps into folders if you are feeling very organised. Maybe you’ll even become motivated to clean up your Facebook friend list while you are away? 🙂

4. Read Articles

With some advance planning, you can save some articles to access off-line while you are in the air. Catch up on the latest news or your favourite blogs while you relax. Here’s how to do it.

5. Inflight Entertainment

The obvious choice! Chances are, there will be at least one movie that you will watch. That’s if you are lucky to get your own TV screen. They also have music and games to help you while away the hours.

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