How to use TripAdvisor to find fun things to do

TripAdvisor has come a long way from the early days of hotel and accommodation reviews. You can now use it to discover all kinds of exciting new places, both in your hometown and whilst travelling. We all know that TripAdvisor can help you search for the perfect place to stay, but we’re going to show you how to use it like a pro!

Discover New Places to Eat

Do you eat out at the same places all the time? Try something new by looking up the top restaurants in your area on TripAdvisor. Tick the boxes that best suit you – if you are looking for family- friendly or something romantic, even the type of cuisine, you can specify only to show those restaurants. Users leave ratings and often detailed reviews for each that will help you make a decision. This is especially useful if you are abroad and you don’t know the area at all. TripAdvisor shows the restaurant location on a map to make it handy for you to find from your hotel.

See Something New or Try an Activity

By searching “Things to do” in your location, you’ll discover a wealth of fun activities to try, from sightseeing, museums, concerts, tours and more active outdoors pursuits. You’ll also find the local shopping hotspots and nightlife if that’s more up your street. In London for example, top of the list is the British Museum and you can also find the Thames River tours and a fun Faulty Towers dining experience.

Ask Travel Questions in the Forum

Want to visit a hotel with kids but you’re not sure if it’s appropriate? Confused about some aspect of a local transport system? Want ideas for a romantic weekend in Paris? Ask a question in the travel forum. It’s located up in the top menu bar. You may find that someone else has already asked the question if you use the search tool.

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