Tips for Travelling with Kids This Summer

Have you been putting off your holiday because the thought of travelling with the kids makes you beak out in a cold sweat?

True, taking toddlers on a plane can be a challenge for the unprepared. We have gathered up some of the internets most trusted secrets for travelling with kids this summer.

1. teamed up with Hayley Spurway mum of two, to offer this advice: Take your time – extra time is the greatest thing that you can take. Weather at the airport, sight seeing or getting from A to B. There will be toilet stops, tantrums, faffing and gawping so having the extra time means you are more likely to remain calm and keep a cool head.

2. Where possible, book ahead. If there’s one thing toddlers hate, it’s queuing. Save yourself the headache by planning things before you leave home. Pay for day trips and print out tickets before you leave the UK.

3. Bring a tablet for portable DVD player – you won’t regret it! Ensure you download all of your child’s favourite cartoons and movies in advance. Also download interactive learning apps to keep them busy. This will keep them entertained for hours.

4. According to Skyscanner you should invest in a Trunki. If you haven’t heard of them before, they are a mini suitcase that your toddler can ride on top of. This can be used in all kinds of situations to save those little toddle legs, from airport queues to trips to theme parks and the zoo. It also makes queuing fun!

5. For no-hassle trip to the airport, book your airport transfer in advance. You can get the lowest fairs by using a reverse auction app such as You enter your trip and cabbies bid to win your fare.

We hope this makes travelling with kids a little easier for you! Check out our other tips and advice for savvy travellers at

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