How to Protect Yourself from Pickpockets and Thieves when Travelling Abroad

Pickpockets and Thieves can ruin a good holiday. They tend to prey on people in high traffic and tourist-dense places such as subways, museums, beaches, airports, attractions, restaurants, open-air markets, anywhere that people are close together.

There’s no real way to spot a thief as they can be of any age, race or sex. They can look, rich or poor. They can also work alone or in groups of up to four people. Some will cause a distraction while the others will perform the theft within seconds, without being noticed.

Be aware of any obvious distractions such as someone suddenly stopping in front of you, a couple arguing, a fight or a lady dropping her bag. It could be designed to make you stop so someone can come up behind you and swipe your belongings, usually by slashing the strap with a razor blade or by more subtle means such as pickpocketing.

What you can do to prevent being targeted, is look less of a victim of crime. A victim of crime will usually be:

      • Carrying obvious valuables on their person like jewellery, expensive bags, watches, cameras, technology, or flashing their cash.
      • Have backpacks with outside pockets.
      • Carrying open bags with store bought goods.
      • Sitting in a public place with goods unattended or very relaxed about their possessions.
      • In a place where they would be less aware of being bumped into such as a busy street or subway.

Technology has come a long way and you can now deter thieves with apps such as anti-thief available on iTunes. You can set an alarm so that it will go off if your possessions are disturbed. Very handy if you are at the beach and want to leave your bag while you swim.

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