Which Taxi App?

There are hundreds of taxi apps being added to the mix every day. From London centred cab hailing apps, to private hire bookings and late night taxi calls it’s difficult to know which taxi app – if any – you should try!

The benefit of a taxi app is that it is handy and easy to use, the groundwork is done and all you need to do is book in. But while individual taxi firms have apps, they only serve small geographical areas. How do you find a reliable cab when you’re further from home?

Cabmania.com has recognized this as a big issue for taxi firm operators and travellers alike. There hasn’t really been much room for collaboration or blurring the lines of taxi hire boundaries. Nobody wants a taxi patch war on their hands!

Cabmania works with thousands of cab, private hire and chauffer services across the UK to tie together the mish mash of different apps, and more importantly to match the right taxi with the right customer.

The Cabmania app operates a reverse auction, and bases the results on where the customer is and what they need. Quotes for Heathrow Airport taxi transfers go to taxi firms near to Heathrow, and the same for Manchester Airport or even Edinburgh!

The Cabmania app is available on Android, or via Facebook apps. Its simple to use, and you can also access reviews from previous journeys. We’re always keeping you up to date on social media too, so come and talk to us on Twitter and Facebook, for customer service assistance, or just to find out more about news in the private hire industry.

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  1. Sushma Gupta says:

    I also know that the taxi app is of great user. After reading this blog, I also get many information’s and its more uses. Keep sharing.

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