Taxi companies value Online Booking Services

Taxi drivers are not always able to make the best use of their time thanks to being on the road all the time, but with the new style of online booking services that are revolutionising the industry there is plenty to be pleased about. Being a taxi driver – or running a taxi firm – is about making sure that you get the fares, and when you consider the advantages of an online service it is easy to see why more and more drivers and operators are signing up to such services. So what are the advantages, and why do drivers need to consider these schemes?

Getting more leads

The first thing to be aware of is that these booking services are not taxi operators; instead, they offer a way of getting leads that was not possible before. Nowadays even the most rudimentary mobile phone is equipped with internet access, and as a result the average consumer can book using an online service from anywhere. The way it works is quite simple: taxi drivers and operators sign up to the scheme for a monthly subscription fee. When a customer enquires about an available journey – by filling in an online form – the details are sent to all the relevant firms that are subscribed to the service. You simply enter your best price for the job, and the customer can choose the one that suits him best. As there is no charge to the customer the service is appealing to them as they get the best offers at no cost.

More passengers in real time

The real time aspect of the service and the potential continual flow of fresh leads mean that there is a greater amount of work available, and with the ability to receive new leads by text messaging, respond to that and get confirmation all by text messaging there is an even greater potential catchment not available to taxi drivers before.

For the individual driver or for smaller firms the cost of a web site can be quite high, yet with an online taxi booking service you get the convenience and efficiency of a web presence and online booking service without having to pay for your own bespoke version. The cost savings are enormous, and the potential extra leads that a driver is open to may be even more beneficial.

For a small monthly subscription you can be sure that your competitors are not getting the potential fares that do not come your way. As all subscribers will be given the details of relevant fares there is no chance of you missing out on the opportunity to gain a fare that may not previously have considered your services. With customers realising that using such a service does away with the tortuous problem of calling many different firms for the best possible fare it is clear that you cannot afford not to be signed up to an online booking service that looks after your region, and that the costs will soon be recouped by the extra work that comes your way.

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  1. Now a days online reservation or booking is very common among every one .I think online services save our time.very comfortable facility for us.keep sharing your site.

  2. Djemal Mehmet says:

    Hi there, I would like to know what the procedures and requirements may be for a small operator like myself to register with yourselves and start bidding for work may be?
    I look forward to hearing from.
    Djemal Mehmet

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