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Why is Cabmania so much different from all other taxi booking websites? What makes Cabmania unique that works for both Customers and minicab operators as well as taxi drivers?

Cabmania came to the world from a unique approach, you might think to yourself that having years of experience in this market is essential for such a website, but I would claim the opposite.

Taxi companies and Internet technologies

Cabmania came to the world after a very long frustration of using online taxi booking websites. Having used, or tried to use lots of those websites before I have realized that most of them belong to Taxi and minicab companies that do not understand the internet world and the latest technologies on the web.

In Cabmania we took a different approach. We have designed the website from the customers’ point of view and searched for ways to use the most innovative internet technologies to assist the customer and to enrich his/hers booking experience.

We use those innovative technologies to build the website do it is easy and friendly to use, we don’t use any advertising,on the website this is not the reason customers came to our website in first place so we don’t want to drive them out, but we do use various of different technologies to enrich their booking experience and quickly respond to their requests.

A unique opportunity for Taxi companies

We have also carefully considered the minicab operators, taxi drivers and Chauffeur driven executive cars community, how would they use the website, which technologies are they using and how can we adopt those to make it easier for them to receive the information and respond to their customers as quickly as possible. There are so many different minicab companies out there as well as different customers, each one with its own unique characteristics and requirements and we had to make sure we can give each one of those an opportunity to stand out and promote itself within the website.

Utilizing the latest web technologies

I had recently exchanged emails with a  company that claims to have the busiest website in Scotland, their webmaster (he never revealed his real name) said they had more than 4000 visitors during the summer period, it triggered me so I browsed their website. What an awful experience. 1960’s technology (they still use frames!!!). I bet their bounce rate is anywhere between 99%-99.5% which they probably don’t know how to measure and probably their webmaster never heard about conversion rates, but I wish them all the best.

On the contrary, one of London’s biggest minicab firms took a different approach. Their website is brilliant, well designed, easy and friendly to use and they seem to use the latest technologies to enhance the customer’s booking experience which I bet yields low bounce rate and high conversion rate. Their rates are on the top of the list, but as I’ve heard from other sources the service compensates for that.

In between those 2 ends there are lots of other minicab companies that do not operate a website and Cabmania does it for them.

Looking at the rating those companies have received on journeys made through Cabmania, their service is remarkable, 5 stars service and with they now have web presence.

With Cabmania they have a way to utilize the latest web technologies to boost their business, gain more customers from markets they couldn’t or haven’t reached before.

The best online booking system

As far as the customer is concerned, Cabmania offers the best online minicab booking experience, friendly and easy to use booking system, competitive prices and the most important on the web, the option to compare and choose what’s right for you. So if you’re looking for a chauffeur driven car, executive car, wheelchair accessible car or just booking a taxi, you get the options to choose between immediate taxi quotes the one that suits you most.

Give Cabmania a go, try it now!.

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