How to taste your way through a city on the cheap!

If you are anything like me, you live to eat (and not eat to live). When I travel, the highlight is always eating and drinking the local food, wine, beer and sweets. However, when you are trying to save money on your holiday, an extensive tasting tour through the city’s Michelin starred restaurants is not always possible.

That said, don’t worry – the most delicious food in any city doesn’t have to cost the world. Pre-plan your trip in order to save money on food and drink and you will be able to tantalize your taste buds on the cheap. Here are three tips that I know will help you to stuff your face without breaking the bank!

Go Ethnic – Chinese steam buns from a Hong Kong bakery in London’s Chinatown. A samosa from a Little India sweet shop. A Jamaican patty from a Caribbean street stall. A tasty spinach and cheese gozleme from a Turkish restaurant. What do all of these culinary delights have in common? They are available for less than two pounds – and often even less than that. Eat like a king or queen for pennies.

Let an expert show you around – On a free food or craft beer tour, like the ones offered by Free Tours By Foot in London, an experienced culinary guide will show you around the tastiest and most affordable food in any city. The tour is free (although a tip is appreciated) and the guide will lead you to the tastiest morsels at the lowest prices.

Take advantage of the pre-theatre menus – Some of the best restaurants in London’s West End and in the city centres around the UK offer early bird diners a two or three course meal for less than 20 pounds. Walk around on foot during the day to find out who is offering the best deal that evening, and you can often make a reservation for later on the spot.

Remember – the best way to watch your money while you are traveling is to save money by pre-booking your cab on Cabmania. Those extra pound coins can be spent on delicious food and drink!

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How to save money on holiday – before you even leave the house

Traveling can be expensive. Whether you are on a short mini break with your partner or on a summer holiday with the family in tow, all of the bottles of water, museum entrance fees and taxi fares can add up at the end of the day to a whopping bill that breaks your budget.

If you are just starting to plan your summer holiday, here are four money saving family holiday tips that you can implement before you even step foot out of the door.

Check with your phone provider about overseas data and minutes –Traipsing from door to door looking for free Wifi can be a pain, and increasingly businesses and restaurants are requiring you to pay for those minutes. Avoid the hassle by finding out from your provider how much a European or overseas bundle will cost – some even offer this for free if you arrange in advance!

Buy a reusable water bottle for everyone in the family – you can save by refilling your own bottles or buying a larger, more economical bottle of soda or juice and filling up on the go. Kids can choose their own fun design and get in on the savings!

Pre-book your cab to the airport – a new wave of taxi apps is taking the UK by storm, but the best bet for the cheapest price is Cabmania. The earlier you book, the better price you will get- saving you huge amounts of money.

Sign up for Groupon and deal sites – You may already subscribe to sites like these at home, but try signing up for deal sites for the city that you are traveling to for huge discounts of spas, restaurants and attractions.

Do you have any other surefire tips to save money before your holiday even starts? We’d love to hear them! Share them in the comments below.

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Money Saving Tips for a Holiday in York

Money Saving Tips for a holiday in York

There is no denying that York is a magical city for a short holiday. Perfect for romantic couples, a friends getaway or families on a mini-break, York is stunningly pretty, oozing with history and packed with great pubs and tearooms. So while York is a great option for those whose pockets are bulging with cash – can it be affordable? It can! Having just spent a wonderful bank holiday weekend on the cheap in the stunning UNESCO Heritage Designated city, I can happily share four money saving tips for your stay in gorgeous York. The National Railway Museum – Attracting train spotters from around the globe, the NRM is packed with a creatively curated array of historical trains and memorabilia. Perfect for kids (or kids at heart) – and it is free! It’s outside the city centre, so consider saving money by pre-booking your cab on Cabmania. Have a cream tea on the cheap – Betty’s Tea Rooms is a Yorkshire tradition, but it comes with a hefty price tag of over ten pounds per person. A true Northern cream tea can be had for a fraction of the price in an atmospheric setting at one of the myriad tearooms around the Shambles. Try the Little Shamble Tea Rooms, located in a Tudor house and serving a wonderful cream tea for less than 4 pounds. Take a free tour – White Rose of York Tours offers the top rated walking tour in the city on a pay what you wish basis, and it was one of the best I have ever been on. Expert historian guide Alan politely asks for whatever you think is fair – even if that is just a pint or a hug! Picnic on the Minster – The lawns of the jaw-dropping Yorkminster Cathedral are perfect for a delightful self-catered picnic purchased from the myriad shops nearby. Stroll through the Museum Gardens – The botanical gardens surrounding the Yorkshire Museums are absolutely lovely, a true gem in the city – and they will not cost you a penny to enjoy! A vacation in York does not have to cost the earth – remember to save money by pre-booking cabs and other services and plan ahead to make sure you get the best for less.

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Visiting London This Bank Holiday Weekend? Things to Try Completely Free!

We all know that London is an expensive city – but that shouldn’t stop you from experiencing some of the city’s most exciting and interesting attractions. Here are our top five things to do in London that are absolutely, positively free – helping you to save money on your spring time holiday.


  1. Summit Primrose Hill – Mere steps away from the grungy punk paradise of Camden Town lays the stunning, posh enclave of Primrose Hill. The crowning glory of this residential area is the highest point in central London – the hill itself. Known for picnics, dog walkers and a fantastic free view of London, an afternoon on Primrose Hill is well worth any traveler’s time.
  2. Sky Gardens – Joining the ranks of London’s viewpoint options is Sky Gardens, the gorgeous 3 story rooftop park and gardens on top of the forty story 20 Fenchurch Street (also known as the Walkie Talkie building). This is a completely free attraction – but you do need to book in advance.
  3. Take a walk – Free walking tours are an ideal way to see the best of the best of London with energetic young guides. No matter what your interest, there is a tour for you. Jack the Ripper? East London’s Finest Food? The Beatles? Just make sure to slip your guide a nice tip – they deserve it!
  4. Museums Galore – London is home to some of the world’s finest museums and galleries – and a vast majority of them are free! There is nowhere else in the world where you can experience a plethora of arts and culture completely gratis – definitely take advantage of this opportunity.
  5. Explore the Royal Parks and Gardens – London is a city of parks and gardens, and the spring and summer is the ideal time to explore their natural beauty and fascinating history. Grab some sun, explore the gardens and take time to smell the roses.

No matter what you plan while you are visiting London this spring, make sure you plan ahead to save money – book your cab or taxi from the airport in advance on Cabmania.

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Fun Free Activities with Kids in London during May Half Term

May half term is upon us, and you may be dreading the thought of entertaining your little ones on a budget for the entire week, but don’t worry – we here at Cabmania have got you covered when it comes to keeping the kiddies entertained while you save money on your holiday.

Play time – at a museum! Many museums around the country have free children’s activities available during the half term breaks, and a lot of thought, effort and preparation has gone into these educational and fun programmes. Check out the Geffrye Museum, the Science Museum and the Museum of London for exciting free activities – do note, you may need to book in advance.

Free Walking Tours  Across the UK, dynamic and exciting guides give daily free walking tours (although a tip is appreciated). This is a great way to educate your kids about the city in which you live or help you to save money while on holiday, all while keeping them interested and active. In London? Try Free Tours By Foot’s amazing free East End Food Tour! You and the kids can munch your way through 1000 years of history – you’ll love the stories, they’ll love the samosas and choccies. Booking in advance is essential.

Scramble about at Kew Gardens (or any lovely park) London is home to the UNESCO world heritage designated Kew Gardens, a spectacular 300 acre garden complete with lush flowers, playgrounds galore and plenty of space to run around. Children absolutely love the Xstrata Treetop Walkway – and kids under 17 are always free.

No matter what you plan to do with your little ones this May half term, ensure that you arrive in comfort, style and under budget by booking your cab in advance with Cabmania, the app that will save you money on your holiday. Enjoy the sunshine, fresh air and the quality time with your children!

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Having Fun & Saving Money in Half Term

As a parent you will know that keeping the children occupied at half term can be hard work, and very expensive. Research suggests that British parent’s spend over £400 during half term on entertainment alone. We’re pretty sure you can do it for less.

One of the main things that often gets overlooked is that children love to have a new experience, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a high octane, high budget one. Think carefully about what your children have done before, where they have visited. Have they taken a tram? Or a train?

A fond memory of my childhood was my grandmother taking me on a “bus-hopping” adventure. She bought us a day ticket and we decided to see where we ended up, it happened to be a big park, where she miraculously produced a picnic. It was great fun, she must have planned it a little, but at the time I had no idea!

Another way to get the children involved is to make them part of the planning, children love to feel responsible. Give them the opportunity to be in charge of planning stages that you can finalise. For example, if you had to take a taxi somewhere our service runs free quotes. The kids can get the quote together and then you can confirm and book separately.

Finally if the weather turns sour finding somewhere indoors is one of the most expensive options. Arts and crafts can be cheaper way to have fun and games. They don’t even have to be too messy. Set your children a recycling challenge, give them boxes, newspapers and some sticky tape then challenge them to make the tallest giraffe, or a taxi that can actually roll along.

Half term can get our imaginations working overtime to find things to do, and sometimes its more enjoyable to make your own fun. If you want to teach your children about journeys and public transport our free quote system can be found here.


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Taxis and Technology

You will have definitely noticed the grumbles and mumbles from across the world surrounding the new Taxi finding apps. They locate a taxi nearby and send it directly to you, so you don’t need to hail a cab and you don’t need to book in advance. Seems like a great idea at face value, but there are much wider implications for the taxi industry as a whole.

The average taxi firm isn’t a multinational conglomerate funded by mass investment, and therefore it can’t compete on the same scale. It is costly in both time and money to set up apps, train your team and then advertise it, especially when the chips are already down.

If private hire and black cabs aren’t been used, they aren’t making money and with this they can’t be supported in their job. Obviously the other drivers need jobs, but the scale of competition has suddenly flipped towards one provider which can cause problems.

At Cabmania wholeheartedly support technology to make things easier, we don’t want it to happen at the expense of our local businesses. Cabmania allow the taxi firms the freedom to set their own pricing, and match customers to firms nearby.

We only work with private hire companies and although they do offer great pricing, they set those prices, so always have control over their service. It is important that technology and business find a synergy that enables them to develop together, rather than one leaving the other by the wayside.

So, if you know that you’re going to be travelling, home from a friend’s wedding reception, to the airport or even just to work because your car is being serviced. Think ahead about how you can support your local firms first.

Get matched to your local taxi firm.

If you want to find out more about the service for Taxi Drivers, click here.

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Last minute holiday jitters

Nowadays when people go on holiday they don’t fall off the face of the earth. Where 10 or so years ago mobiles would be left at home and contact wasn’t made until you were coming home, now a text or browse from your mobile is standard.

This is brilliant if you, like me, are prone to the last minute jitters. It is horrible when minutes after take off you realise your toothbrush is still at home, you’ve only packed one flip-flop or worse, you didn’t arrange anyone to pick you up from the airport on your return.

When this happens – thankfully your trusty mobile is on hand to act as your personal assistant. When you touch down in Paradise, grab some new flip flops from the duty free, call your hotel ahead to find a locally pharmacy or supermarket for a new toothbrush and then log on to Facebook.

You’re not logging in to Facebook to check-in, although by all means do. You’re logging in to book your airport transfer on the way home. That way you can spend the rest of your trip feeling chilled.

Once you’re on Facebook search “Cabmania App”. This will bring up our service that is designed to find you the cheapest deal on airport taxi transfers. You add your details for a free no obligation quote, and we’ll get back to you with the suitable local taxi services AND independent reviews to help you make your choice.

Don’t spend to long panicking about how you will get home, we’ll be here, and you should be enjoying yourself. To the pool!

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How many Easter Eggs could you buy?

A lot of people are heading off on their Easter travels this week and next, so we’ve been working out how many Easter eggs you could buy with money saved on Taxi travel.

The Cabmania service uses a reverse auction system which gives taxi drivers control of their journey’s and you the best prices. Let’s take a look at how good the savings could be…

If you were travelling to London Heathrow from West London this Easter you could save £46. That is around 15 medium sized Easter eggs!

If you travel from West London to a Stansted Airport flight, you can save a massive £53 by using Cabmania to book. This could get you 135 Cadbury Creme Eggs… How will you eat yours?!

Finally, if you were travelling from South East London to Luton airport you could save up to £51.  For those of you who like the finer things in life, the savings could be spent on 5 luxury Easter eggs.

Our statistics have been worked out using the official airport transfer companies. Our taxi firms are fully licensed and insured, additionally our service promotes independent reviews. Reviews are posted whether good or bad, so you can trust that you are getting what you sign up for.

Our quote service is free and there is no obligation to book. Get a quote for an airport transfer now: Get Quote

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“We were asked not to tell the lady anything…” An Interview with Golan, Founder Cabmania

Hi Golan, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to be interviewed for the blog. My first question is obviously, what was the inspiration behind Cabmania?

A few years ago I was working in an international company and had many overseas trips, taking many airport transfers and I’ve found that booking a taxi was a frustrating thing.

There was no transparency in the market. Booking a taxi was a difficult task, not to mention comparing prices. There were websites but there was nothing that really works in favour of the consumer giving them all the information in one place. I wanted to start a website where it would be safe to book a minicab, reliable and obviously competitive.

There was lack of tools for drivers to fill in their empty returns. They lose money, which translates to higher taxi fare rates to the consumer. If the driver had a tool to help fill in a long journey dead ride, the cost of the overall trip could have split between 2 passengers.

So an idea that you came up with on your own taxi journeys! Now the idea is up and running what do you consider as the most important feature that Cabmania offers?

Right from the start we understood that Cabmania guaranteeing the best possible price would set it apart, has to be easy to use, independent & reliable. It has to be a tool where our customers would find it easy to use and would come back to it as they are guaranteed the best price.

We worked very hard to make it user friendly and we value all the comments and reviews we receive good or bad. We check all the companies who are registered with so they are all legally operating and we publish the reviews that we receive without filtering.

No filtering seems like it could be quite a challenge! How did you come up with the idea for giving reviews?

The reviews are a very important. I would even say, a crucial feature of our service, they act both ways to the customers as well as to the drivers. For our customers it gives confidence and assurance when they make the booking, no one really wants to get out of a terminal after a long flight and to find out the taxi is not there. Reading the reviews gives that confidence and assurance that it is a reliable service and can be counted on to make their booking.

Another important thing we have noticed is as we share the reviews with our drivers it pushes them to deliver a better service. The taxi companies that have received good reviews perform much better on our Cabmania – they get more bookings – so good reviews translate immediately to more business for them, they understand that and work hard to maintain their reputation.

The taxi business is notorious for exciting stories, have you come across any unusual journeys while working on Cabmania?

We do come across unusual requests, last week a student booked a taxi to move her apartment, she was surprised to get a luxurious Mercedes, in another instance we were asked to pick up a lady from her house in North London and drive her to the airport, this was an anniversary surprise trip booked by her husband and we were asked not to tell the lady anything, even that she was being driven to the airport!

Wow, that must have been an exciting anniversary trip! So do you consider Cabmania to be a purely consumer service?

Well, we want to see more and more people using it! We would encourage corporates to use it to save on their transportation costs. We can offer a reliable service that could integrate into any existing businesses IT infrastructure, giving CFOs transparency on their employees taxi bookings as well as live reports and huge savings.

Finally that brings us to the end of our chat, before you go – where are you aiming to take Cabmania in the future?

We truly believe we have a winning model, combining reliability and still delivering the best possible price. The price comparison model works for more and more people as they wish to get better value for their money, we can see that with insurance, credit cards, flights, hotels etc and we were the 1st ones who ever did it for taxis so the future looks bright to us and we’re happy to be where we are and to keep pushing forward.

Get a free taxi quote using Golan’s reverse auction system

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