10 Must-Have Travel Apps that you’ll Actually Use

Space on our phones is at a premium so we’ve rounded up the best of the travel apps that you just won’t want to live without.

1 Citymapper

This is an essential to anyone visiting London or any other big city. It offers detailed journey planning including real-time bus and rail departures. Available in 30 cities worldwide, a must-have app for the city traveller.

2 XE Currency

Easily and quickly convert any currency within seconds. Simple!

3 Splittr

Specifically designed for travelling, Splittr lets you split travel costs and expenses between travel partners. Keep track of who paid what.

4 Google Translate

Translate simple signs and menus instantly.

5 Time Out

Yes, we all love TripAdvisor for the best reviews, but Time Out is great for ideas for things to do wherever you are staying. It can tell you what’s happing during your stay so you don’t miss any of the local events or festivals.

6 Trip It

Your mobile trip planner shows you all of your trip details at a glance so you don’t need to shuffle trough travel documents or emails.

7 Whatsapp Messenger

If you don’t already have WhatsApp you need to download it! You can use free messaging and calls to other users once you are connected to Wi-Fi.

8 App in the Air

It will keep you updated about your flights status even if you are not connected to Wi-Fi . At each stage, it will notify you when you need to check-in, board and even give you an estimation of your take-off and landing times.

9 LiveTrekker

This app tracks your journey from start to finish you so you have a digital map of your travels. Look back on the places you’ve been, add pictures, videos and text.

10 Cabmania

Last but not least. Cabmania is a reverse auction app which allows you to get the cheapest rates for your airport transfers. You submit your travel requirements and cabbies bid for your fare. You choose the winner based on the user reviews and price.

We hope this makes your next trip run a little more smoothly. Download the app or use the online version at cabmania.com.

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Are you risking your health while you travel?

Holidays are a time for fun and stress-free relaxation. We want to ensure you have a trip that you remember for all the right reasons, so stay safe and prepare before you travel.

The latest global health scare is the Zika virus, with a couple of cases already confirmed in the UK. An infectious disease, it shows mild fever like symptoms in only one in four people who contract it, yet it can cause severe birth defects in babies. It’s vital that pregnant women do not come into contact with anyone with the virus. Unfortunately, there’s no vaccination for Zaka. The best thing you can do is protect yourself from being bitten by mosquitos.

According to a recent study by Superdrug, over half of British holiday goers expose themselves to health risks when travelling. Out of 2,000 people studied more than half failed to check if they needed to take extra precautions such as vaccinations before they travelled.

Before you even book a holiday, ensure you check the relevant vaccinations needed. Some need six months to take effect, so you could be leaving yourself open to serious risks. Check out the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention website for a full list of all the vaccinations you’ll need.

Surprisingly, 62 percent didn’t take a basic first aid kit with them to deal with minor illnesses or injuries. We found a handy travel health checklist on the NHS website with all the first-aid essentials you’ll need for your trip. You’ll be able to deal with insect bites, tummy trouble and sunburn in no time!

We hope his makes your next trip a little more comfortable and safer! Remember to go to cabmania.com and make an advance booking for the cheapest airport transfer rates. The earlier you book, the better! You can also download the app for iPhone and Android.

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The pound getting you down? Top tips for making it go further

With the recent whirlwind of political changes, the decrease in the value of the pound is probably the most immediate after-effect that will affect those who love to travel. That’s why we thought we’d dedicate this blog to showing you how to make your holiday funds go further without sacrificing any of the fun.

  1. Currency – On a positive note, it has increased tourism to the UK, but us Brits do love to travel! Keep an eye on the currency exchange rate and buy when the pound is on an upswing in the country of your choice. If you are open minded about where to go, you could even base your holiday on areas where the pound is still comparatively strong. Check out xe.com for the daily exchange rates.
  1. Flexible Flights – Now that you know where you are going, try booking a flexible flight with skycanner.com to save even more money. Booking well in advance or being open to flying to less popular airports can save lots of cash. You’ll find more hacks for flights on our past blog 20 of the best travel hacks. 
  1. Plan Ahead – We can’t emphasise this enough. Hotels can change their weekly rates by hundreds of pounds overnight, especially at peak season. This recently happened to yours truly when booking a hotel in Malta. The hotels all went up by £250 overnight! Shop around for a good deal and if you see something you like, don’t hesitate to book. Book your hotel using sites such as bookings.com. Ensure all tours are also booked in advance to secure early bird deals for the cheapest prices. Waiting until you get there will guarantee you pay full price! 
  1. Pool Resources – If you are travelling with a group of friends, pool resources to get the best deals. Sharing a family hotel suite will be cheaper than single rooms, pool your transport costs and get group passes to tours for additional discounts.
  1. Airport Transfer – booking with a reverse auction app such as cabmania.com ensures you get the cheapest rates on your airport taxi. Cabbies bid for your fare and you choose the winner based on their user rating.

We hope this helps you to save some money and make you holiday funds go further!

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Top 10 Cheapest European Beach Destinations in 2016

If you are thinking of a last minute late-season holiday this year, or even planning for next summer, we have you covered! Every year the Post Office surveys the total cost of 10 popular holiday purchases including a three-course evening meal for two, sun cream, a cup of coffee, a beer, insect repellant, at 20 popular European holiday destinations.

We present to you the top 10 cheapest European Beach Destinations in 2016…

10. Kefalonia, Greece

Total Cost £68.49

Highlights – Great for wine with the average price of a glass coming in at £2.46.

9. Porec, Croatia

Total Cost £65.19

Highlights – a lively resort with cheap beer. You can buy a bottle of beer for an average of £1.70.

8. Zante, Greece

Total Cost £64.65

Highlights – An island with vivid blue sea and stunning sandy beaches.

7. Crete, Greece

Total Cost £63.16

Highlights – You can dine for two, all three courses included, for just £26.25.

6. Costa Blanca, Spain

Total Cost £62.29

Highlights – Beautiful scenery and beaches. A lunch for two will set you back just £14.77.

5. Gijon, Spain

Total Cost £61.01

Highlights – Dijon is famed for its home produced cider. You can buy a beer for just £1.80.

4. Costa del Sol, Spain

Total Cost £52.65

Highlights – Lots of British people there all year round. You can buy a decent cup of coffee for just 98p.

3. Limassol, Cyprus

Cost £51.82

One of Cyprus’s most underrated cities. The flashy marina gives the impression of living the highlife, but despite this, prices are cheap.

2. Algarve, Portugal

Total Cost £47.04

Highlights – Stunning coastline with many caves and striking cliffs. Dinner for two will set you back around £17.23. Take a look at one or our favourite travel blogs Conde Nast Traveller, to get to know the Algarve.

1. Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Total Cost £41.55

Highlights – Although not the most scenic of our top ten, the prices are unbeatable. A beer costs just 65p. Trip Adviser has all the latest reviews on the hotels, restaurants and bars in the area.

Don’t forget to arrange your airport transfer in advance. Go to cabmania.com to get the cheapest prices guaranteed. You enter your destination, cabbies bid, you choose your driver based on ratings!



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Top European City Beaks for Families

When you’re taking the kids along, planning a city break can be a little different to a romantic couples getaway. To keep everyone happy, there has to be enough to keep the little ones entertained. We’ve compiled the top European city breaks for families according to popular travel bloggers.

Our first family, podtravels.com chose Lisbon as their top pick for the wealth of activities on offer for children. The city has a Hills Tramcar with a hop on hop off tour, stopping at popular landmarks such as the São Jorge Castle, where you can view the camera obscura in the Torre de Ulísses. Another fun way to explore is the Hippotrip, a vehicle that allows you to venture through the city by river and land.

Penny from spaceinyourcase.com chose Flanders as her top family friendly getaway for its gastronomy, beer, chocolate and ice cream. It’s also close to Bruges, Brussels and Ghent so makes a great base for touring. With cycling, boat and city tours on offer, it’s easy to explore all three.

Helen from spaceinyourcase.com chose Guernsey as her top pick for its small size and beauty. Being small and relatively enclosed, it offers a safe haven for families. The island also has many beaches which will take you back to your own childhood days of flying kites, surfing and eating sand filled sandwiches.

Another option that’s sure to please everyone in the family is Paris. With its many museums, galleries and who can forget, Disneyland, Paris is the ideal family destination. There is so much to do in Paris that it’s easy to overbook yourself and come back stressed. Try to stick to planning just one or two attractions per day and allow yourself some time to relax a little.

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We also offer low rates for business travel. Download our app for iPhone or Android or go to the website cabmania.com to get the best deals!

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Top tips to stay cool in a heatwave!

It’s the hottest week of the year in the UK, with temperatures soaring to 35 degrees Celsius yesterday. Here are Cabmania’s top tips to stay cool in a heatwave.

  1. Steer clear of large meals. Your body produces heat when you digest a large or high protein meal, so eat small meals more often to stay cool.
  2. We know it doesn’t sound appealing on a hot day, but spicy food can actually cool you down by making you sweat.
  3. Wear natural, loose cotton clothing as it allows the skin to breathe. Light colours reflect the sun’s light and dark colours will attract the sun. Avoid black and synthetic clothes in the hot weather if you don’t want to wilt!
  4. Drink lots and lots of water – 2.5 litres for a woman and 3 litres for a man is a good volume of water on a hot day as you may lose water through sweating. It will, of course, depend on your body weight. You may need more or less depending on your size and activity levels.
  5. If you are feeling very hot, run your wrist under cold water for 5 seconds to cool down quickly. You can also do this with children to cool them off fast.
  6. Stick to natural down-filled pillows with cotton pillowcases. Synthetic pillows will retain the heat and cause misery on a hot night!
  7. Take a cool shower or bath. Pretend you are in a swimming pool on holidays! This is also a fun way to cool kids down.
  8. Close all blinds and curtains early in the day before you leave so the house is cool when you return from work.
  9. One for the pets. Try putting baby wipes in the fridge and wiping them down every couple of hours. Furminator offer a special a type of wipe for pets which is perfect for this.
  10. For a quick-fix on the go, try a cooling spray like Magicool to cool you down instantly. This is the perfect thing to carry around on hot days!

If you are lucky enough to be heading away this year, check out cabmania.com for the cheapest airport transfer rates, guaranteed! Our reverse auction app means that you get the best prices. Cabbies bid for your fares!

We also do great day to day business transport rates. Take a look at our website cabmania.com!

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Best Travel Tips for World Travelers

We’ve gathered some of the best travel tips to help make your journey a more pleasant experience. Here’s our top 10 travel tips:

  1. Wake up early to avoid the crowds – the best attractions will be jammed by midday. You’ll also likely miss the pickpockets and scammers if you’re early!
  2. Store some extra cash in case of emergency, separate from your wallet and credit cards. You never know what might happen.
  3. A scarf can come in very handy as a pillow, a blanket, a cover up for a cold evening.
  4. Get chatting to the locals. They will often know the best places to go for food and drinks. You’ll also get to know the local culture.
  5. Before you go, make sure you have digital copies of all your important documents such as passports, birth certs, visas, drivers licenses and any health or travel insurance details. Store them on a hard drive as well as online software like dropbox.com that you can access from anywhere in the world.
  6. Take lots of photos – and back them up!
  7. Check out couchsurfing.org if you really want to experience living with the locals. People share their spare rooms or couches with travellers for free.
  8. Pack ear plugs! You’ll need them at some stage of your trip.
  9. Don’t plan too much. Pick one or two must-do actives and plan where you will finish up. Leave the rest to chance. It’s fun to go off the beaten path.
  10. Don’t pack too much stuff. Remember that everything needs to come with you wherever you go. The more you pack, the more you carry!

For the lowest airport cab fare, guaranteed, visit cabmania.com. Our reverse auction app allows cabbies to bid for your fare so you get the lowest prices. You can check out their reviews and decide on the driver that suits you best.

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Is it still possible to get a £30 return flight? We’ll show you how!

With all the charges airlines add on, it seems like cheap flights are impossible. MoneySavingExpert writer Jenny, says that you can get a flight for around £30 if you are smart.

The top 10  tricks:

  1. Check what the price includes. Make sure it covers your airport taxes and a 15 kg carry-on bag. Unless you are spending hundreds on the flight, pay by debit card as a credit card will incur a surcharge.
  2. It goes without saying – fly hand luggage only. Make sure you plan ahead and decant your toiletries into 100ml or lower, bottles. You don’t want to have to throw away a bottle of £80 perfume because of a £30 flight!
  3. Wear your baggage. A great tip from Jenny! If you have a big coat you can stuff things in your pockets or carry some things in a pouch under your clothes.
  4. If you need to book hold luggage, don’t wait until you get to the airport as it will be more expensive.
  5. Make sure you check-in online, print your boarding pass if that’s a requirement and follow the airlines instructions to avoid late fees. Certain airlines (Ryanair cough!) will charge if you arrive without a boarding pass.
  6. Budget airlines are not always cheaper -shop around for sales!
  7. Paying by credit card is safer if anything goes wrong with the airline or travel company but it’s also more expensive as they’ll add a transaction fee. You need to weigh the risk.
  8. Bring your own plane munchies.
  9. Some airlines charge as much as £80 to take a toddler on your lap. Check this out in advance.
  10. Watch for any sneaky auto-ticked boxes such as insurance or car hire.

To save even more money on your trip, book your airport transfer with cabmania.com, for the guaranteed lowest cab prices. As a reverse auction app, cabbies bid for your fare so you benefit from the savings. The earlier you book, the more you save!

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The UK’s Best Street Food Markets

Here at Cabmania, this week we are celebrating all that is great and wonderful in Britain. We are lucky to live in a country alive with so much culture. We have amazing markets in the UK and on the back of this, street food has really taken off in the past few years. Here are our picks of the UK’s best street food markets.

Borough Market – London

Open every day of the week except Sundays, but really comes to life on a Saturday. You’ll find fresh food, street food trucks, some of the best cheeses London has to offer, oysters, pickles and jams, breads, cakes, and lots of hipsters! There is a wonderful mix of street to discover, from German sausage, Southern Indian dosas and the best Scotch eggs you’ve ever tasted.

Glasgow Farmers’ Market – Queen’s Park, Glasgow

Just off the Victoria Road, the market is held on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month. You’ll be spoiled for choice with over 30 stalls to choose from including fresh fish, artisan cheeses and affordable produce from local farmers. On-site entertainers add to the lively market atmosphere. Deep-fried foods are the name of the game here! The venison burgers are also a must-try.

Street Food Market – Piccadilly, Manchester

A buzzing market located in the heart of Manchester city. It’s open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The market attracts the city’s most popular street vendors. You’ll find everything here from Middle Eastern, Italian, African and even a Veggie Kitchen for non-meat eaters.

We hope this gives you some ideas!

If you are travelling for business or heading away on your holidays, take a look at cabmania.com for the lowest airport transfers. Guaranteed! Cabbies bid for your fare so you always get the lowest price. Enter your destination in advance and watch the bids roll in! The earlier you book, the cheaper the price.

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The Worlds Safest Holiday Destinations Revealed!

Do you love to travel but have concerns about safety? Choosing a safe place for you and your family to go on holiday is a priority for many. We reveal the most peaceful countries in the world, according to The Institute for Economics and Peace.

Whilst you can never be 100% certain of avoiding disaster when you travel, choosing countries that have a good ranking on the Global Peace Index (GPI) can at least reduce your risk of running into trouble. So here are the safest places for you and your family to holiday.

The Number one spot goes to….Iceland!!!

Iceland has taken the top spot as the safest country in the world for the sixth year running. There are many wonders to see in Iceland, from the Northern lights to the Blue Lagoon’s thermal pools. Iceland is politically very stable with a low conflict rate.

The reputed happiest place in the world, Denmark came in at second place, followed by peaceful Austria in third, adventure island New Zealand in fourth, sunny Portugal in fifth, foodie heaven Czech-Republic in sixth.

Other countries to make the top ten are Switzerland in seventh place, Canada at number eight, Japan in ninth place and Slovenia at number ten.

The UK came in at number 47 on the list and the US at 103.

Factors influencing the GPI score include things like the number of police, security personnel, presence of nuclear weapons, likelihood of war, happiness of population and democracy.   

That’s your destination sorted! Don’t forget to book your airport transfer with cabmania.com to get the best deals. Cabbies bid for your fare so you are guaranteed the cheapest rate. Book a return to save even more money!

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Source FTA

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