What to do this Halloween in the UK

If you are too old for trick-or-treating but still want to have some fun this Halloween, we have some top picks in four cities.

Birmingham Halloween Street Food Festival

Featuring DJ stars Craig Charles and Joey Negro. The Day and Night markets combine street food and top DJ’s to create a festival-like atmosphere. Check out the spooky themed Halloween weekender running Friday, October 28 and Saturday, October 29th. See more event details here.

Horror Films at the Rivoli Ballroom, London

Scare yourself silly at special screenings of Halloween and The Shining by Crofton Park Pictures at the Rivoli Ballroom. Enjoy drinks, ice cream, popcorn, and hotdogs while you watch. Dates available at the time of writing Thurs Oct 27 & Fri Oct 28.

Manchester City-Wide Halloween Festival

The first year of the event promises over 4,000 pumpkin lanterns and a giant robotic spider roaming the streets. Manchester Town Hall will be going green for Halloween. Imposing cemetery gates will be erected, featuring sound effects such as wolves howling and witches cackling. Try on scary outfits and take selfies in the booth. Face painting for kids and family fun. The festival takes place in Manchester City centre between October 21 and 31. Read more.

Chester Zoo’s Halloween Spectacular Liverpool

Another family friendly event, the zoo is set to be transformed into a mysterious wonderland. It’s the first event of its kind to be staged in a zoo so really worth visiting. An evil sorcerer will cast a spell over the nocturnal animals to try to steal their powers. There will be a host of performers, from acrobats to musicians during the event. It runs from Saturday, October 22 to Monday, October 31.

We hope this gives you some ideas for some spooky Halloween fun!

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Your entitlements if your flight is delayed or oversold

Have you ever arrived the airport to be told that the flight has been overbooked? It’s a frustrating experience. If you are denied boarding, the airline must compensate you under EU law, even if you are seated on a later flight. Airlines must also provide compensation for delays of two hours or more. Many people are now discovering they can claim.

Bumped off a flight?

Look on the bright side! You are entitled to a reimbursement of your ticket, return flight to the first point of departure our re-routing to your final destination.

The airline also must provide reasonable care, such as meals, refreshments, accommodation, transport, two free phone calls and email facilities while you are waiting for your next fight. In addition, you also entitled to claim cash compensation, depending on the length of your flight.

Compensation rates are as follows:

£225 for flights 1,500 km or less

£360 for intra-Community flights greater than 1,500 km

£360 for all flights between 1,500 and 3,000 km

£540 for all other flights

Flight delayed by more than two hours?

As is the case with the airline overbooking, they must provide free meals, refreshments, two free phone calls, emails, hotel, and transport if the flight is delayed until the next day.

Cash compensation is awarded depending on the distance of the flight and the time delays, usually  between 2 and 4 hours. People are having success at claiming as far back as 2010.

£225 for flights 1,500 km or less (2 hrs +)

£360 for intra-Community flights greater than 1,500 km (3 hrs +)

£360 for all flights between 1,500 and 3,000 km (3 hrs +)

£540 for all other flights (4 hrs +)

See more detail at Air Passenger Rights. Martin the money saving expert also has some great info on the latest ways to check how long your flight was delayed.

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Thinking of booking a holiday in December? We have you covered!

December is the perfect time to fit in one more last holiday before you begin a new year. Why not make it one to remember by doing something extra special? There’s still time to book if you’re quick!

St Petersburg, Russia – If you are looking for a winter holiday that will give you that magical Christmas feeling, St Petersburg is the place to be. Snow is very likely and there are numerous fantastic Christmas markets to visit. The stunning Baroque and neoclassical buildings are lit up at night, creating a beautiful festive atmosphere like a scene from a Russian novel.

Iceland – the Northern Lights are a beautiful natural occurring phenomena of green lights dancing in the sky. December with its long dark nights is the best time to see them. Iceland also has many natural hot spas and fantastic nightlife.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – if sun, sea and sand is more your style, Dubai has a lot to offer. With average temperatures in December of 27 degrees, you’ll shake off the British chill in no time. There’s plenty of shopping and sightseeing for architecture enthusiasts.

Harbin, China – the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival is held every year. Technically not in December, the ice festival is held Jan 5 – to Feb 1, but well worth extending your holidays for. It’s one of the world’s biggest snow sculpture festivals with the tallest ice sculptures reaching 46 metres high. Neon lighting and computer controlled special effects are used to create unforgettable displays.

Lapland, Finland – Meet Father Christmas on a Lapland Holiday. Snow is pretty much guaranteed in Finland during December. During the trip, you’ll get to experience husky sledding, go ice fishing, ride a snowmobile and drive a herd of reindeer if it tickles your fancy. Of course, you’ll also get to meet the big man himself and his elves. Finland is also perfectly situated to view the magical Northern Lights in the night sky.

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See more fantastic ideas at https://www.onthegotours.com/uk/Holiday-ideas-for-December

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Do you really need a TV licence?

BBC iPlayer was in the news again this week as all customers will have to log on to watch from 2017. This is just weeks after the rules around TV licensing have changed. You now need a TV licence to watch catch-up TV on iPlayer. Up until the start of this month, you only needed a TV licence to watch live telly.

Games consoles and smart TV’s have not only changed the way we watch, they offer unique ways to subscribe to your favourite channels without getting tied into expensive subscriptions. You can still watch ITV Hub, My 5 and All 4 On Demand legally without a TV licence.

Technically, you only need one if you want to watch BBC iPlayer or live telly. You should have a TV license if you are watching any kind of live broadcasting, even if it’s on a phone, tablet, laptop or games console – not just a TV!

Subscription Apps

You don’t need a TV license for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube or Now TV. As the shows are not shown at the same time as live TV, they fall outside of the TV licensing rules. With Now TV, you can enjoy your Sky subscription packages such as movie channels, kids, entertainment and sports. The sports subscription is live so you’ll need a TV licence to watch that.

All of the above offer a monthly subscription service which can be cancelled at any time. There are no setup fees and you don’t have to wait for installation. You simply sign up and log in!

How do they compare?

Netflix £5.99/month for basic 2,500+ titles available

Amazon £5.99/month unlimited 1,000+ titles available

Now TV £9.99/month movies 1000+ titles available

£6.99/month entertainment

£2.99/month kids

£6.99/day sport or £10.99/ week

We hope this helps you to save some money off your bills this year!

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Where to get the Best Bargains in Britain

Black Friday is the best time to shop for post-Brexit bargain hunters. The American-style one day blow out is on 25th November this year. Unlike usual sales, you can find a whopping 70-80% off in some stores. So get saving!

The best savings are generally found on electronics and clothing. To maximise your Black Friday savings, make a list of what you need to buy, find the items and save them to bookmarks. It’s probably a good idea to open an online account with stores in advance in case of website crashes.

Often websites are extremely busy on Black Friday, just like the stores, so you’ll probably have to queue to get onto the page. Still, in our view, it beats battling it out in the store!

Retailers to watch this year

Amazon usually discount their whole Kindle range, so if you have your eye on one, bookmark it in advance and get straight onto it on the day. Currys PC World were one of the most popular retailers last year with over 30 TV’s selling each minute.

In clothing, House of Fraser had some fantastic deals last year. Their website allows you to create an account and save items to your wishlist to save time on the day. They advise to login before 9am to beat the rush. ASOS offer a similar system to save your favourites and with discounts of up to 70%, they are sure to be very popular with items selling out early.

Don’t forgot the airlines!

A flight for the same price as a cup of coffee? Yes, it’s possible on Black Friday! Of course, you’ll have to pay taxes on top. Check out easyJet deals, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Ryanair and Aer Lingus who all slash air fares for Black Friday.

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See more great advice and a full list of stores to watch here http://www.mirror.co.uk/money/shopping-deals/black-friday-best-deals-2016-6630912

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10 Genius Hacks That Will Change How You Pack Forever

Last week we brought you the Cabin baggage allowances for top 5 budget airlines. This week we’ll show you how to make the most of that space!

  1. Start off with a lightweight suitcase. Often the expensive ones are heavier so be vigilant and compare weights when you shop online. Choose one that maximises space and has extra compartments inside.
  2. Pack the heaviest items closest to the wheels of the suitcase so it’s easier to roll and doesn’t tip over.
  3. Roll your clothes instead of folding them. You’ll fit more in and they are less likely to wrinkle.
  4. If you are packing a suit, fold the blazer inside out, shoulders to the back, to reduce wrinkling.
  5. Make use of all dead space, stuff socks, charger cords and underwear in shoes. Sunglass cases also come in handy for keeping cords tidy while you travel.
  6. Bring a collapsable laundry basket that fits into your case. As you go through your holiday, you pop the dirty clothes into the laundry basket and just pack it into the case when you are ready to go. There’s no need to separate out what’s clean and dirty when you come home.
  7. Bring a small spray bottle of Grandma’s Secret Wrinkle Remover to spray on any clothes that get creased. You just spray and pull out the wrinkles when there’s no iron available!
  8. Make sure to seal any liquid toiletries tightly in bags even if you are checking in your case. The air pressure can open any bottles you have packed including shampoo and instant tanner. You don’t want any nasty surprises when you open your case! 
  9. For any vapers out there – the air pressure also causes the liquid to leak out of machines so it’s a good idea to empty your liquid before you fly. You will also need to keep your batteries in your cabin luggage.
  10. Use a shower cap to cover the bottom of your shoes. More than likely, you get them in hotels all the time and never use them.

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See even more travel packing hacks from Travel & Leisure.

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Cabin baggage allowances for top 5 budget airlines explained

It’s easy to get caught out by cabin baggage rules when travelling with a budget airline. Some allow you to carry an extra personal item such as a shoulder bag or laptop, some only allow one bag on board.

They also have slightly different size allowances and weight restrictions for carry-on luggage. This can be very confusing for passengers, leading to last-minute stress at the gate. So we have compiled a simple list of the cabin bag sizes and yes or no to a personal item.

Are Lingus

Cabin Bag Size: 25x33x20cm Small cabin bag

Personal Item: Yes

Maximum Weight: 10 kg

Number of bags allowed on board: One large cabin bag and one personal item

Ryan Air

Cabin Bag Size: 55x40x20cm maximum cabin baggage dimensions

Personal Item: max size 35x20x20cm

Maximum Weight: 10kg

Number of bags allowed on board: One large cabin bag and one personal item

Easy Jet

Cabin Bag Size: 56x45x25cm to include wheels and handles

Personal Item: Not allowed

Maximum Weight: No weight restriction

Number of bags allowed on board: One

45x36x20cm to qualify for the new easyJet cabin bag guarantee. The bag must also fit under the seat in front of you.

British Airways

Cabin Bag Size: 56x45x25cm maximum cabin baggage dimensions

Personal Item: Max size 40x30x15cm

Maximum Weight: 23kg maximum weight

Number of bags allowed on board: Two one cabin bag and one handbag or laptop bag

Wiz Air

Cabin Bag Size: 42x32x25cm Small cabin bag or 56x45x25cm Large cabin bag

Personal Item: No

Maximum Weight: 10kg

Number of bags allowed on board: One small cabin bag or one large cabin bag

We hope this helps you prepare for your next trip!

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Avoid business travel burnout with our top tips

People who travel for work are often the envy of their peers. Jetting off to far-flung places at the companies expense sounds glamorous, but it can take its toll on your health if you’re not careful.

Fun travel fact: Did you know that it can take the body up to 11 days to recover its usual rhythm after a transmeridian flight?

According to Forbes, there are two key areas where we struggle to maintain a healthy balance while on business travel – diet and exercise. When eating out all the time, we tend to go for oversized, unhealthy options and fail to hydrate properly. With water that is! Business meetings can often take place over dinner with drinks. As flying dehydrates the body and causes fatigue, drinking alcohol exacerbates the problem.

Ensuring you are properly hydrated is key here. Always order a large water with your meal and keep a bottle with you at all times. You will be surprised how much this will influence your food choices. When ordering, try to focus on lean meats and veggies or stick with dishes that have been processed as little as possible.

Fitting in exercise can be tricky on business travel as often time is very limited. If there is a gym with a swimming pool, you might have time for an early morning swim. This helps to reduce travel stress and mental fatigue.

Keeping stress to a minimum will help to avoid business travel burnout. Leave yourself lots of time to get to the airport and be prepared in advance for meetings. Sometimes it’s the small setbacks that cause us the most stress. Check out our top 10 must-have travel apps for a hassle free trip.

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10 Must-Have Travel Apps that you’ll Actually Use

Space on our phones is at a premium so we’ve rounded up the best of the travel apps that you just won’t want to live without.

1 Citymapper

This is an essential to anyone visiting London or any other big city. It offers detailed journey planning including real-time bus and rail departures. Available in 30 cities worldwide, a must-have app for the city traveller.

2 XE Currency

Easily and quickly convert any currency within seconds. Simple!

3 Splittr

Specifically designed for travelling, Splittr lets you split travel costs and expenses between travel partners. Keep track of who paid what.

4 Google Translate

Translate simple signs and menus instantly.

5 Time Out

Yes, we all love TripAdvisor for the best reviews, but Time Out is great for ideas for things to do wherever you are staying. It can tell you what’s happing during your stay so you don’t miss any of the local events or festivals.

6 Trip It

Your mobile trip planner shows you all of your trip details at a glance so you don’t need to shuffle trough travel documents or emails.

7 Whatsapp Messenger

If you don’t already have WhatsApp you need to download it! You can use free messaging and calls to other users once you are connected to Wi-Fi.

8 App in the Air

It will keep you updated about your flights status even if you are not connected to Wi-Fi . At each stage, it will notify you when you need to check-in, board and even give you an estimation of your take-off and landing times.

9 LiveTrekker

This app tracks your journey from start to finish you so you have a digital map of your travels. Look back on the places you’ve been, add pictures, videos and text.

10 Cabmania

Last but not least. Cabmania is a reverse auction app which allows you to get the cheapest rates for your airport transfers. You submit your travel requirements and cabbies bid for your fare. You choose the winner based on the user reviews and price.

We hope this makes your next trip run a little more smoothly. Download the app or use the online version at cabmania.com.

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Are you risking your health while you travel?

Holidays are a time for fun and stress-free relaxation. We want to ensure you have a trip that you remember for all the right reasons, so stay safe and prepare before you travel.

The latest global health scare is the Zika virus, with a couple of cases already confirmed in the UK. An infectious disease, it shows mild fever like symptoms in only one in four people who contract it, yet it can cause severe birth defects in babies. It’s vital that pregnant women do not come into contact with anyone with the virus. Unfortunately, there’s no vaccination for Zaka. The best thing you can do is protect yourself from being bitten by mosquitos.

According to a recent study by Superdrug, over half of British holiday goers expose themselves to health risks when travelling. Out of 2,000 people studied more than half failed to check if they needed to take extra precautions such as vaccinations before they travelled.

Before you even book a holiday, ensure you check the relevant vaccinations needed. Some need six months to take effect, so you could be leaving yourself open to serious risks. Check out the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention website for a full list of all the vaccinations you’ll need.

Surprisingly, 62 percent didn’t take a basic first aid kit with them to deal with minor illnesses or injuries. We found a handy travel health checklist on the NHS website with all the first-aid essentials you’ll need for your trip. You’ll be able to deal with insect bites, tummy trouble and sunburn in no time!

We hope his makes your next trip a little more comfortable and safer! Remember to go to cabmania.com and make an advance booking for the cheapest airport transfer rates. The earlier you book, the better! You can also download the app for iPhone and Android.

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