20 of the Best Travel Hacks

We love helping people to get the best deals and have a stress-free holiday. That’s why we’ve trawled the internet to come up with this list of 20 of the best travel hacks

  1. Score discounted fares on Expedia by pretending you’re in a different location when booking. 
  2. Booking two one-way flights can get you a better deal.
  3. If you find something cheaper right after you book, don’t worry – there is a 24-hour window for a refund on all airlines.
  4. Stop faffing around with liquids and miniature bottles at every trip. Have a ready to go bag of essential travel items set aside for all trips. You’ll just need to top it up at most.
  5. Clear your cookies and search history to get cheaper fares.
  6. Keep an extra set of chargers, plug adapters and other cables, in a ready to go travel bag for all trips.
  7. Pack rolled up socks inside your shoes – extra storage space and also helps keeps their shape.
  8. Ladies, bring a squishy handbag on the flight. Some carriers have size restrictions for handbags and a collapsible bag will get away with a lot.
  9. Baggage restrictions vary by airline and country. Make sure to do your research in advance to avoid extra charges.
  10. Pack the heaviest items in the bottom of your suitcase to keep it balanced.
  11. Some credit cards offer travel perks such as free hire car insurance. Check before you travel.
  12. In-flight Wi-Fi can be very expensive. Subscribe to Boingo Wi-Fi to save money on in-flight Wi-Fi and roaming charges.
  13. Get served faster by requesting a Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Halal or Kosher in-flight meal before you fly. They are often better quality too!
  14. Adjust your sleep and meals in preparation for your trip to reduce jet-lag.
  15. Avoid anything that will dehydrate you such as alcohol, coffee and processed food. Dehydration can make jet lag worse.
  16. A large scarf can double up as a pillow or a blanket in flight. It will also help with any differences in climate before or after the flight.
  17. Essentials for a comfortable long-haul flight; ear plugs, noise-cancelling headphones, blanket, water bottle, books, travel pillow, sleeping mask.
  18. Researching common travel scams can save you some heartache.
  19. Street food is usually the best food!
  20. Save money by booking a return trip airport transfer with cabmania.com. It’s often the same price or cheaper than public transport if you have two or more in your group. Treat yourself to a stress-free trip!

Now that you’re well prepared, all that’s left is to enjoy your trip! For more travel tips and our picks of the best things to do in the UK, subscribe to our blog. What’s your favourite travel hack?

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May Bank Holiday Activities in London

The May bank holiday is fast approaching, and there are a whole host of fabulous things to do in the capital this year. Pack a picnic lunch, lace up some comfortable shoes and don’t forget to bring an umbrella – here are our top picks for May Bank Holiday activities in London.

  • Canalway Cavalcade – The waterways of Little Venice are always lovely, but this May bank holiday they will be more colourful that ever. 130+ boats will be lining the canals around Maida Vale for this annual festival that has taken place since 1983.
  • Nest Collective Campfire Club – If you love folk music, you will love the Nest Collective. They host a series of open-air campfire shoes with live music, storytelling and a woody environment. For their exact location (one in Peckham, one in East London) email them or buy tickets.
  • Brixton Beer and Bread Festival – Now here is one for the bon vivants and gastronomes in the audience! In order to mark the 200th anniversary of the Brixton Windmill, the award winning Brixton Brewery has launched the Beer and Bread Festival. Expect delicious bread, wonderful pints and a lot of happy imbibers. Remember to leave your keys at home and take transit or a taxi home from this event – booking your cab in advance will save you heaps of money.
  • JW3 Sephardi Festival – This 2 day festival held in Frognal is a celebration of Spanish, Portuguese and Northern African Jewish culture, and features food, film, music and history talks at the “first Jewish Community Centre and arts venue of its kind to exist in London.” Come with an empty stomach!
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Exploring the breweries on London’s “Beer Mile”

Each month, thousands of thirsty tourists and locals alike are heading to Bermondsey (or ‘Beermondsey’). This region of Southeast London is gaining international repute for its numerous breweries, and countless drinkers are heading to the “Beer Mile” each Saturday in order to taste local beers, eat food from local food trucks and mingle with other craft beer devotees.

Want to explore the “Beer Mile”? Ensure that you have your transportation sorted well in advance to avoid drink driving and/or waiting a long time for your cab. Book your cab in advance with CabMania and never be left standing around again!

Start your tour at Bermondsey station, and walk half a mile to your first stop at the Bottle Shop.

  1. Bottle Shop –The Bottle Shop stocks one of the best selections in the UK, and often hosts tap takeovers by unique brewers from around Europe.
  2. Anspach and Hobday – Known for their modern spin on traditional British beer, Anspach and Hobday will renew your faith in proper English flavours and brewing techniques.
  3. Partizan– Creative beer and even more creative label art,Partizan will knock your socks off.
  4. Brew By Numbers – Want to try some delicious fruity saisons, a solid IPA and always inventive seasonal brews? Brew By Numbers is always a lot of fun.
  5. Fourpure – Undoubtedly the most swish of the Bermondsey brewers, Fourpure has a large scale, professional bottling (and canning) enterprise underway. Look out for their fresh and taste pale ales at your local M&S, or visit their brewery as the grand finale of your tour!


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The Staycation – How to have a great holiday at home

With two bank holiday weekends approaching, you might be preparing for a trip somewhere warm or a city break to the continent – but in order to have a great holiday you don’t even have to leave your town. Taking a few days off and exploring your own city can be just as relaxing and pleasant as heading out of town.

Read these tips in order to plan a brilliant ‘staycation’ this May!

  • Book a hotel or an inn – If you have enough extra cash to book a hotel, bed & breakfast or inn in an interesting local area, definitely do so! Staying in a hotel can make your city or town feel fresh and exciting, and it can provide a special treat without the extra cost of train tickets or air travel.
  • Take your camera – Snapping photos always makes a holiday feel more special, and so you should make sure you bring your camera on your local adventure.

Top of the day with a date – To conclude the evenings of your staycation, make sure you put on your best togs and head out to dinner, theatre, a gallery opening or some other event that is outside the bounds of your normal routine. Remember to book taxis,restaurant reservations and tickets in advance in order to save money and avoid long waits.


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May Bank Holiday Suggestions

If you are like most Britons, you are probably looking for a May bank holiday getaway that is affordable, UK-based and full of rest and relaxation. Here are some great ideas that will have you living the high life come May long weekend!

Sidmouth – Looking for a beach holiday this Spring? The quaint seaside town of Sidmouth is perfect for couples, families and holiday makers alike. Filled with shops, cafes and timeless pubs, this coastal town will enliven your May break and fill you with promise for the summer ahead.

Cardiff – If you are craving a tranquil break at a world class facility, look no further than the St. David’s Spa and Hotel in lovely Cardiff. As the only AA rated 5 star luxury hotel in Cardiff, people flock from all over the UK to experience relaxing spa treatments, deluxe service and beatific coastal views at this fine hotel.

Chester – Historic Chester is simply exploding with things to do; you can explore over 2000 years of history in the walled centre, all while shopping, dining and relaxing to your heart’s content. Don’t overlook this Northern beauty – Chester is the perfect place for a May break.

Cheddar – You don’t have to love cheese to love Cheddar – although it certainly doesn’t hurt! Thousands of tourists each year flock to this Somerset town in order to take in the local scenery, enjoy the pubs and experience a simple, provincial way of life. Don’t miss the stunning limestone gorges and caves, and cheese making demonstrations at the Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company.

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Top Disney Tips for UK Travellers

If you are a UK resident planning a summer trip to Disneyland Paris (or even to one of the other four parks across Asia and America), check out these top tips that will help to make your trip even more fun, exciting and stress free!

  • Bring a bag of snacks – The Disney parks allow guests to bring sundries, water, snacks and supplies into their properties –take advantage of this in order to save money on food and drinks.
  • Take a change of clothing –Even if the weather seems stable, things can change quickly, and it really does cool down after dark. You should bring layers, dry socks (in case of rain or water based rides), and any other supplies your family requires.
  • Book in advance – Your hotel, your passes, your transport and even your taxi rides to the airport in the UK should all be booked in advance – failure to do so can cost you money, cause delays and result in disappointment. Things book up far in advance, so start planning as soon as possible.
  • Travel midweekand off season– Travelling midweek is a great idea, as you will avoid the major queues associated with weekend crowds. If you can take your kids out of school, that is the best idea, as summer holidays, half term and other holidays can all make the parks packed.


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3 fun outdoor Activities to do with your kids this spring

Springtime is truly one of the loveliest times to live in the UK. No matter where in the country you reside, this land comes alive with fresh blossoming beauty, and it’s a brilliant season in which to head outdoors and spend some time with your children.

While the weather may still feel brisk and chilly, spring is on the horizon. Before you know it the frost will melt and the trees will begin to blossom and your little ones will be underfoot on half term break and Easter holidays. Here are three fun spring activities that you can do no matter where in the country you live!

1.Head to the farm – Whether you live in a rural area or in the heart of East London, city farms are dotted across the country. These brilliant places allow children to get up close to farm animals – and what better time to do so than in the spring? Babies of all kinds abound this time of year: piglets, lambs, chicks, goslings and calves, all providing your family with a cuteness overload and valuable learning.

2. Garden Programs at a Local Museum – Longing for a large garden that your kids can explore? Whether you have a home set on acres of land or live in a tiny flat, gardening programs at the UK’s museums are a great way for kids to learn about gardening, food cultivation and insects. Check out the garden activities at London’s Geffrye Museum, the Garden Museum and at English Heritage sites across the country.

Be sure to check the museum website before heading down- it is sometimes mandatory to book in advance in order to guarantee your child’s space. It’s also not a bad idea to pre-book your taxi transport in order to save money during this busy season.

3. Go on a walk –A simple walk with your children can be a great way to break free of the stuffiness of being indoors all winter. Take a hike up some local hills or mountains, traverse the country landscape, get lost in a forest or even take a guided walking tour in the city. You’ll all get some fresh air and spend some valuable time together outdoors.

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Planning an Easter Weekend Getaway? Three Tips to save you money

An Easter break always sounds like a great idea – after all, you have four days off from work in a row – until you start budgeting and realise that everyone else has the very same idea!

Travel prices often increase dramatically whenever a holiday approaches, and Easter is no exception. If you are thinking of planning a cheeky, last minute break over this upcoming March 25th weekend, then you can definitely use these tips to help you get the best price possible.

  • Be very flexible – If you have your heart set on staying in a deluxe room at a specific boutique villa on the Amalfi Coast, I hate to break it to you: the ship has probably sailed. Unless you are willing to shell out heaps of cash in advance, insisting on specific destinations, properties and airlines is going to cost you money. At this point in the game, just a few weeks ahead of Easter, you need to be very flexible and choose your holiday based on what is on sale. Check last minute sites such as Travelzoo,Secret Escapes and Amazon Local for good deals.
  • Book your ground transport in advance – Ok, got your train or flight sorted? Great – but now you need to avoid getting gouged on your transport to the airport or station. By booking your taxi in advance you guarantee the best rates and always arrive on time.
  • Think outside the box –Hotels and flight availability simply looking too grim? Prices sky high? There are a lot of other choices out there – consider swapping your flat with someone looking to visit your city who just happens to live somewhere you would like to go. What about exploring a nearby county, or even pitching a tent and camping by the sea? Here are some other great alternative holiday ideas.
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5 Money Saving Tips for your Spring Holiday

Are you planning to take a holiday this spring, during half term or another week nearby? If you answered yes, remember – you will not be alone. Other than August, this is one of the most popular times of year in which to travel, and there is fierce competition for the best prices, destinations and experiences. If you hope to be a spring holiday maker, here are five great tips to follow.

  1. Pack light – The cheapest holidays advertised online are often based on travelling with only a carry-on. The minute you add a checked bag the price can skyrocket. Follow these tips to pack a lighter bag and save money.
  2. Be flexible – If you have your heart set on a specific destination you might find that you are spending more money if others are also keen; by being flexible about where you vacay you can save a ton.
  3. Pre-book your airport transport – Booking your train, bus or taxi to the airport can sometimes get left until the last minute. Book your airport taxi in advance and you will save time and get the best price.
  4. Trawl the deal sites – Don’t book too hastily! Spend some time searching for the best deals, and make sure you check more than one deal site. Search the packaged deals, but always remember to price out the same components separately to see if you can package it for less on your own.
  5. Gather a group of friends – Sometimes you can negotiate great group rates when you travel, or you can reduce each person’s cost by hiring out a larger place. Travelling with friends can really cut down the price you spend on transport, food, accommodation and activities.
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The Top Five Mother’s Day Brunches Across the UK

As Mother’s Day approaches, you might find yourself getting excited to shower your mum with all of the gifts, loves and appreciation that she deserves – but if you are like me, you might also be getting excited for brunch!

That delicious meal that is not quite lunch and not quite breakfast is an annual favourite way to show your mum you love her. Mother’s Day is right around the corner, so here are five excellent places across the UK for you to make a booking and treat your mum.

The Brunch Company, Hampshire. It does what it says on the tin; The Brunch Company is known throughout Hampshire and Surrey for dishing up fantastic Eggs Benny, omelettes, house made sausages and perfect ‘build your own’ plates. Delicious home cooked food at a good price!

The Good Egg, Stoke Newington London. This international menu boasts a wide array of foods you can find on breakfast tables around the world, from Lebanese treats, Iraqi stuffed egg pitas and Israeli shakshuka. The Good Egg doesn’t take bookings, so hopefully mum is happy to queue. This area can be quite busy on holidays – it’s best to pre-book your taxi in order to save money and time.

 And the Dish Ran Away With The Spoon, Manchester. This small business started as a cupcake company, and their sweet treats and baked breakfast dishes are sure to please your mum this Mother’s Day.

The King’s Wark – Edinburgh. This local favourite attracts heaps of people all year round, so if you plan to treat mum to a delicious meal made from the best that Scotland has to offer, you should make a booking in advance.

The Milestone, Sheffiel. Maybe you would like to treat your mum to some champagne with your brunch? Head to The Milestone and enjoy great food, mimosas and cheeky brunch cocktails.



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