The best theme parks in the UK for kids

Now that the kids are off school, we know it can be difficult to keep them entertained. We’ve rounded up a list of UK’s best theme parks that all the family can enjoy together.

Paultons Family Theme Park, Hampshire

Also home of Peppa Pig World, which is fantastic if you have toddlers. Visit the “Lost Kingdom” – a dinosaur theme park world! It’s the number one theme park in TripAdvisor’s Traveller’s Choice Awards.

Thorpe Park – Surrey

Ride Derren Brown’s Rise of the Demon Ghost Train, which took three years to build. It has spectacular special effects and grand scale illusions in it’s 10 – 15 min journey. You’ll also find five of the UK’s top roller coasters at Thorpe Park.

Legoland, Berkshire

There are lots of rides for all the family to enjoy at Legoland, many without height restrictions. Enjoy the impressive models and wandering around the diverse theme lands.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

With 125 rides and attractions across 42 acres, Blackpool Pleasure Beach continues to be a family favourite.

Alton Towers, Staffordshire

Although it has had a lot of bad press in recent years, Alton Towers reopened with some great offers for families. They have also launched some new rides in the past year.

Flamingo Land, Yorkshire

Great for all the family, Flamingo Land will entertain kids and toddlers alike. There is a theme park full of rides, a zoo and a holiday resort for those who want to make a holiday of it.

Chessington World of Adventures, Surrey

Close to London, Chessington World of Adventures has over 40 rides, a zoo, aquarium and even glamping. It’s more outdoorsy, with a forest adventure called “Go Ape” which is all about getting out there and being adventurous.

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Ideas for summer day-trips with the kids

The summer holidays are finally here! Mums and dads all over the country are in for a busy few weeks. If you are struggling to come up with ideas to fill the time, we’ve found some fun day trips that all the family will enjoy.

Dreamland Margate

Dreamland has re-opened this year and it’s better than ever! It will take you back to your own childhood with vintage rides, roller skating and a wonderfully unique “ark” full of animals such as racoons and reptiles. Forget soggy burgers – foodies will be pleasantly surprised with the gastro street cuisine on offer.

Explore a Castle

Let their imagination run free while you take in the local history. It’s a fun day out and an educational experience all in one. Take a look at The Guardian’s hot list of 10 best Castles in the UK.

Take a ride on a Vintage Train

Or just take a day out to go train spotting. Short train journeys on the vintage lines are quite reasonably priced and can include breakfast or lunch.

Go on a Walking City Tour

Harry Pottery’s London is an excellent walking tour suitable for kids. What are your kids into? There’s a walking tour for practically everything now from street art to Instagram.

Take the family out for a walk

For a cost-effective day out, pack a lunch, lots of water and choose one of the many suitable walking routes for families from National Parks.

Pleasure Beach, Blackpool

Probably one of the country’s most famous theme parks, Pleasure Beach is fun for kids of all ages. Height restrictions apply on some rides. Book in advance online to save on ticket prices.

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10 incredible bucket list ideas

Need some inspiration for your bucket list? Here are some of the hottest travel destinations of 2017.

Tour of South East Asia

From Thailand to Vietnam, South East Asia is a top travel destination right now. Experience a wide range of delights including tropical jungles, ancient ruins, idyllic beaches and stunning temples.

Winter in Lapland

Visit Lapland and view the magnificent Northern Lights at the most magical time of the year.

Climb Skellig Islands

The atmospheric backdrop to the latest Star Wars movie. Skellig Islands are only accessible at certain times of the year and with the right weather conditions.

Bora Bora

Visit the alluring white sandy beaches and coral gardens of Bora Bora.

The Taj Mahal

One of the wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal is synonymous with love and romance. It is said to leave its viewers awestruck.


From trekking across the desert on a camel to wandering the fragrant souks, Morocco has a lot to offer the adventurous traveller.


Escape from the tourist traps and see the authentic and historical side of Tokyo. Drink sake with the locals, try the street food and visit the ancient book shops.


If you are a fan of architecture and beautiful historical buildings, Barcelona needs to be on your bucket list. Here’s a list of the city’s top gems.

New Orleans

New Orleans has a heady blend of culture, famed for its vibrant music scene and spicy Cajun cuisine.

Cinque Terre, Italy

Famous for the beautiful images of pastel-hued houses clinging to the edge of the cliff face, Cinque Terre is on many bucket lists.

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Tips for a successful girls weekend

Girl’s weekends can be the best weekends – or they can be disastrous for friendship if things don’t go to plan. For a successful weekend, we have some tips to make sure everyone has a good time.

Save the date

Get the date locked into the calendar at least a couple of months in advance or else other obligations will crop up in between. Book the hotel, flights if necessary, and closer to the time, you can book your airport transfer in advance to get you safely to the airport.

Set a budget that suits everyone

For a stress-free trip for all, set a reasonable budget that suits everyone. Websites like Travelex can help you to plan your budget and get a ballpark spending money figure for everyone.

Plan an activity

Get out and do something that you’d never try at home. Girl’s weekends are the perfect excuse to let your hair down and be silly together. Even if no one is getting married you can take a look at hen’s party ideas for fun things to do.

But don’t plan every second…

While it’s good to have a plan of action for the trip, not everyone will want to stick with a rigid itinerary for the whole weekend. Leave some free time to just go with the flow. If you are the hyper-organised type, pick a couple of main events for the trip and go to town with the details.

Be mindful of group dynamics

Are you the type of girl who has several groups of friends that maybe don’t get along too well? It might not be wise to invite them on the girls weekend together. When planning a girly weekend, it’s probably best to stick with one group of close friends.

Watch the alcohol intake

Whilst it’s fun to have a few cosmo’s with the girls on a weekend away, too much alcohol can lead to all kinds of problems. We don’t need to elaborate on that one!

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Airport Mistakes You Could Be Making

Ensure that your next trip is stress-free by making sure that you are not falling for these big airport no-nos:

1. Failing to check in online

This can be a massive mistake as a lot of airlines overbook their flights. Check in online as soon as it is available. If you do find yourself in a position where they have overbooked, check out or blog, what to do if your flight is delayed or oversold.

2. Not having the airline app

Most carriers have apps now that will tell you if your flight has been delayed, cancelled or if the gate has changed. You won’t have to keep running to find an information screen!

3. Wearing the wrong clothing

Choose comfort over style when it comes to flying. You want to dress to get through security easily and quickly, as well as being comfortable throughout your flight. Things with metal pieces and buttons will be a security nightmare. Easy slip-on shoes are better than fiddly laces when you are forced to undress on the go.

4. Using airport Wi-Fi for personal info

Free airport Wi-Fi is an excellent way to while away some time before a flight, but bear in mind that it’s not secure. It’s a public Wi-Fi network, meaning that if you enter any passwords, people could potentially access this information and you could find your accounts hacked and your bank account empty. 

5. Not labelling and marking your luggage

Or even worse. Realising that you left it open. Before you leave the house do a quick check of the luggage, lock them with mini padlocks, ensure that they are labelled and tie something bright like a length of ribbon around the handles. If you lose your luggage, take a look at our blog, how to claim compensation for lost, damaged or delayed luggage.

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The best beaches to visit in the UK this summer

Being an island we are spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches in the UK. From the sunny English Rivera to the rugged Northumberland coast with it’s historic Norman castle, there is something for all tastes. Here’s a selection of our picks across the country:

  1. Crosby Beach Liverpool

With beautiful views and life-like sculptures by Antony Gormley spread out along the shore of Crosby Beach and stretching out one kilometre into the sea, the beach is a must-visit if you are in Liverpool. The artwork titled Another Place, is made up of casts of the artist’s body, each one staring out to sea. The beach itself is non-bathing as there can be changing tides.

2. Bamburg Castle Beach, Northumberland

A large sandy beach with the backdrop of the imposing Bamburgh Castle, a former Norman stronghold. It’s perfect for brisk walks with the dog any time of year and popular with surfers. Bamburg Castle Beach is regarded as one of the most consistent surf spots along that stretch of coast. Lessons and surf kit hire are available for those who want to have a go.

3. Woolacombe Beach, Devon

Winner of TripAdvisor’s best beaches in Britain award for 2016 so of course, this had to make the list! With three miles of golden sand, clean water, lots of local activities and traditional pubs, we can see why Woolacombe continues to be a family favourite.

4. Porthmeor Beach, St Ives

Neighbouring the iconic Tate St Ives building, the Porthmeor beach is a sandy heaven popular with the many tourists and locals alike. It’s safe to swim, surfing is good, with excellent water cleanliness. The bustling centre of St Ives is just minutes away, where you’ll find trendy cafes, traditional old English pubs, art galleries and lots more.

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The 10 cheapest places for a beach holiday in 2017

Summer is almost here! Every year the Post Office Travel Money releases a report with the 19 cheapest places to holiday in Europe. They base this on several holiday expenses such as the price of a three-course dinner for two, cup of coffee, sun cream, a bottle of beer, bottle of water, glass of wine and other common travel essentials.

We bring you the top 10 cheapest places to holiday in Europe in 2017

10. Zante, Greece £82.36

Zante or you might be more familiar with the name Zakynthos. A bottle of local beer should set you back just £1.31 and a glass of wine £1.31.

9. Crete, Greece £81.84

In Crete, you can enjoy a two-course evening meal with house wine for £41.05.

8. Limassol, Cyprus £79.89

Cyprus’s second largest city, Limassol is appealing to those both seeking a beach holiday and to those interested in the island’s culture with its museums and archaeological sites. A two-course lunch for two costs £18.26

7. Porec, Croatia £79.08

Porec is an ancient Roman town entirely devoted to tourism. Grab a coffee for just £1.34. 

6. Costa Blanca, Spain £75.56

The unique landscape of Costa Blanca is marked by orange and almond trees. A 1.5-litre bottle of mineral water is just 20p!

5. Paphos, Cyprus £74.32

Paphos is an ideal destination for families, with plenty of sunshine and activities. Enjoy a three-course evening meal for two in Paphos, with house wine for just £33.11.

4. Marmaris, Turkey £68.13

A popular and resort town, Marmaris is for those who like a lively holiday!  Grab some insect repellent from just £2.73. A two-course lunch for two will set you back around £6.81, without drinks.

3. Costa del Sol, Spain £60.65

Still very popular with British holidaymakers, you’ll find lots of bargains at the Costa del Sol. Sun cream is just £4.32, English newspapers £1.36 and £1.75 for a bottle of local beer.

2. Algarve, Portugal £58.38

Beautiful beaches and a balmy climate attract many holiday goers to the Algarve every year. You can grab a coffee for just 61p a local beer for £1.05 and a three-course evening meal for two with house wine for just £26.21.

And number 1 is…. Sunny Beach, Bulgaria £37.33

Sunny Beach is still the cheapest place to visit in Europe, unchanged from last year. It’s not surprising with prices as low as 70p for a bottle of local beer and just £5.58 for a lunch for two.

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See more destinations from the Post Office here…

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Flying with the kids – our top tips

With half-term already upon us, it won’t be long until the kids break up for summer. If you are treating the family to a well deserved holiday this year, we have some top tips for flying with kids. Also check out our blog for tips for travelling with kids and toddlers for more advice on how to plan your holiday.

Dress Comfortably

Leave out comfy clothes for everybody to wear to the airport. The weather in the UK is so unpredictable and on a plane you can go from hot to cold in an instant. Layers that you can pop on and off are best for travelling. A hoodie or shawl can even double up as a blanket if someone wants to take a nap.

Bring a Stash of Goodies!

Prepare sandwiches, rolls or something that everyone will enjoy. Preferably take a selection of goodies and snacks for the family to munch on while waiting around and spending long hours on the plane. Here are some great snack ideas for inspiration.

Be Organised

For simple check-in and security, have one adult take charge of all the passports and hold the boarding passes on their phone with the airline’s mobile app. Once everyone is passed a certain point, the passports are collected again and slipped into a sealed bag for safety.

Pack Sensibly

Likewise, pack all of the family’s electronic equipment that will have to be removed from bags to go through security in one carry-on bag. That means iPads, laptops, large cameras and other electrical equipment. At the time of writing, Kindles and phones don’t need to be removed but that could change again. Make sure no one is carrying any random liquids in their bags before you get to the airport! Something as small as a little bottle of eye drops will cause an embarrassing hold up.

Flight Entertainment

Here are some great ideas for keeping your kids entertained on the flight, from Play-Doh to Lego! According to Professor Robert Winston, old fashioned hands-on games and activities are the best ways to keep kids entertained on long flights. Bringing out toys at different intervals will keep kids quiet for longer and are preferable to watching shows on tablets. This was discovered during a social experiment on a two-hour flight. (Daily Mirror)

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Where to spend a romantic weekend in the UK

Escape with your loved one for a weekend of romance to one of these great locations.  City breaks, a weekend of culture, or a lakeside retreat with pampering, we have you covered!

The Lake District

Voted the 2nd most romantic destination in Britain by Telegraph readers, The Lake District provides a magnificent backdrop to an intimate getaway for two. Make it a stay to remember by booking into one of the luxury spa hotels. In Leathes Head County House Hotel you’ll find the Superior Spa with a double ended whirlpool and mood-lit spa bath which overlooks Derwent Water.


You’ll never be short of romantic things to do in London. Spend the night in one of London’s romantic hotels, take a boat ride down the Thames to take in the view, go for a candle lit dinner. The choices are endless. Here are 101 romantic things to do in London to give you some more inspiration.


Visit the birthplace of Shakespeare in this romantic and culturally rich location with beautiful Tudor architecture. Stratford-upon-Avon has many boutique hotels to spend the weekend with your loved one. Enjoy a romantic boat trip on the River Avon together and you can even take in a play at the Royal Shakespeare Company.


A city filled with winding passageways and leaning Tudor houses, York lends itself well to romance. The city centre is almost traffic-free, so you can stroll hand in hand with your loved one through the cobbled streets. Visit the magnificent medieval churches, ‘snickleways’ and ginnels that run in between traditional pubs and quaint tea rooms. York has a bustling city centre with all the big brand names in retail that you would expect as well as excellent dining options. Where to stay.

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The advantages of booking your taxi online in advance

Booking your taxi in advance online has many benefits and it’s now a much easier process thanks to our handy mobile app and easy to use website. It’s a much simpler process than phoning around cab companies for quotes.

Why book your taxi online in advance?

  1. You’ll Save Money

With cabmania, advance booking usually secures the best rates. Cabbies bid for your fare so booking in advance when they may not be fully booked up will get you the best deals.

2.   Less Stress

Knowing that your taxi is booked before hand saves you the worry and stress of the last minute rush before you travel.

3.   Save Time

Online booking with gives you access to quotes from several cab companies at once, so it saves you time phoning different companies to compare prices.

4.   Written Record

You’ll get an email confirmation with the information of the cab company that you are booked with. This makes it easier to keep track of everything. If you’d like further confirmation of your booking before you travel, you can get in touch with your chosen cab company using the contact details provided with the booking confirmation.

5.   User Ratings

With online bookings, cab companies are usually rated and reviewed so you can base your decision on reliability as well as price. 

6.   Book Any Time

You can book online any time that’s convenient for you. With you’ll receive quotes from different companies and you choose who you’d like to book with based on price and user ratings.

7.   Fixed Price

When you book online, all of the details about your journey are recorded and the quote is based on all of the information provided. There are no surprises with the fare at the end of the journey. The price that you are quoted is the price that you’ll pay.

The next time you travel, book your cab online with Download the free app for iPhone or Android, or use the website for a quick and easy quote.

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