Springtime Festivals In the UK

Our British winter appears to be never ending, but rejoice! We can soon say goodbye to the dreary grey days and welcome the fresh colours of springtime. What better way to celebrate than planning a trip to one of England’s many springtime festivals and events. 

Flatpack Film Festival, Birmingham

Flatpack is one of Birmingham’s most inspiring and quirky festivals running 4 – 9 April 2017. You’ll find a compelling collection of experiential cinematic treats, cropping up in venues across the whole of Birmingham. From cycle powered short screenings to late night parties, it promises to be truly unique.

The V.I.B. (Very Independent Brighton) Food Tour, Central Brighton

Fancy a weekend at the seaside? This is a two-day weekend tour starting in 10 – 11 March 2017 and running right up until the end of October. A foodie heaven, it’s a celebration of unique makers and the unsung heroes of Brighton’s indy food and drinks scene. Find out more here.

Marsden Cuckoo Festival, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Let your hair down and have a good old-English knees up in rural West Yorkshire. The cuckoo is an ancient symbol to herald the coming of spring and is celebrated in the traditional-style festival at Marsden in April. You’ll find morris dancing, a maypole, a craft fair, street entertainment, duck races, storytelling, a colourful procession as well as lots of other free entertainment.

Harrogate Flower Show

England’s largest and more prestigious gardening event, The Harrogate Flower Show in April, is not to be missed if you have a love for the garden. The show will host the UK’s biggest floral art marquee with hundreds of beautiful designs created by flower clubs, flower arrangers and florists. You’ll also find lots of fun activities for children such as crafting and potting. Talented chefs will be demonstrating their creations in the Cookery Theatre.

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Half-term things to do with the kids

Half-term is almost upon us! If you haven’t fully planned your kids week this half-term (Monday, February 13 – Sunday, February 19), we’ve thought of a few fun things to keep the kids entertained.

Kid-Friendly Museums

Plan ahead and take a day trip to one of the many child-friendly museums in the UK, such as The World of Beatrix Potter in Windermere or The National Space Centre inLeicester. For the top ten child-friendly museums, take a look at fun kids.

Jorvik Viking festival in York

The kids will love to see Vikings, hear their stories and watch them in their strange and wonderful surroundings. This year kids can also take part in sword fighting, archery and play Viking kids games. They can also try their hand at making jewellery and clay pots. See full details here.

The Robot Zoo, London

If you are in London over half-term, the Robot Zoo exhibition at the Horniman is a fun and educational display dedicated to animals. Your kids will discover facts about the animal kingdom through robots. How to bats see in the dark? How to chameleons change colour? The Robot Zoo is a fascinating exhibition that will lead your kids to appreciate the amazing abilities of animals.

For those rainy days when you haven’t got much planned, we have some tips:

  1. Get out those board games that the kids haven’t played with since Christmas and have a family board game day.
  2. Bake with the kids. Yes, it’s messy, but they’ll love it! Here are 59 easy baking recipes to get you started.
  3. Arts and Crafts. Check out activity village for lots of inspirational ideas and go stock up with supplies.

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Could you travel solo?

If you’ve always travelled with others, it may seem daunting to even contemplate solo travel. People travel solo for all kinds of reasons. It’s not just for singles. Sometimes couples have completely different interests, so one will go on their own mini adventure. Or perhaps annual leave dates just don’t match up.

How to make solo travel simple…

Travel with a Group

Going solo needn’t mean going completely alone. There are many small group tour companies offering some amazing special-interest trips such as safari, wine tasting and surfing, to name a few. This would suit people who are perhaps are bit shy but like to have some company. Try wanderlust.co.uk or meetup.com to find the perfect travel partners. 

Sleep in Shared Accommodation

If a tour operator is not your style, staying in shared accommodation such as a hostel, Airbnb and Couchsurfing is the perfect way to engage with new people. The evenings can get lonely as a solo traveller so it’s always nice to have a friendly face to chat with over dinner.

Boredom Pack

For those times when you are feeling a little lonely or just need something to keep you occupied while you are waiting for your food, pack a book, a magazine or carry a journal.

Take Photos

One of the benefits of being a solo traveller is that all of your attention is focused on what you are experiencing. Soak it all in and take lots of photos to share with friends and family back home.

Be Extra Careful

Before travelling, research the local scams in the area you’re travelling to. Travelling solo, you may feel a bit more vulnerable in a new unfamiliar place. Take extra care of your personal possessions and watch your drinks.

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Where to go in the UK in 2017

Each week in January we’ve brought you our top travel spots from around the world to inspire your 2017 travel plans. This week it’s our very own Britannia in the spotlight.

Top UK Weekend Trips for 2017


A picturesque holiday town by the sea, perfect for some old fashioned family fun. With a Grand Pier, arcades and a beach, there’ll be plenty to keep the family entertained. Foodies will be impressed by the town’s eateries and the Taste of the Teign Food Trail held each summer. 2017 marks a special year for the town; a movie starring Colin Firth and Rachel Weiz, The Mercy, filmed in Teighmouth will be released early this year.


There is so much to do in Edinburgh that’s often overlooked. Feeling adventurous? Climb the extinct volcano to get the best views of the city from the top of Arthurs Seat. Visit Edinburgh’s iconic castle, explore the royal chambers and dungeons. Attend one of the many festivals the city has to offer all year round. Or you could just explore the bustling city centre with its many bars, restaurants and musicians to soak in the atmosphere.


The focus of all things artistic in Britain this year as the UK City of Culture, Hull is firmly in the spotlight. This is a fairly new initiative, taking place every four years. For the next 12 months, Hull will be host to a range of exciting exhibitions in art, film, music and more. See full details here.

Hadrian’s Wall

The story of the Romans will be told in a new six-month exhibition starting April 2017. Hadrian’s Cavalry is set to be a major attraction, featuring one of the largest Roman cavalry reenactments ever seen in the UK. Original Roman helmets, armour and weapons will be displayed for visitors to view.

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Best World Travel 2017

Last week we brought you our best picks for Europe in 2017. If you are looking to travel a bit further afield, we’ve gathered our top picks for world travel.

Where to go in 2017

Yosemite National Park, United States

For a taste of untamed rugged America, visit Yosemite National Park with its stunning glaciers, waterfalls mountain peaks and valleys. Famed for its giant sequoia trees, they are undergoing a major renovation project on the Mariposa, the largest sequoia grove, due to launch this summer. You can explore the park on the many boardwalks and hiking trails that meander through the groves. With fishing, biking, golfing, rafting, rock climbing, horse riding as well as bus guided tours, there’s something for everyone. Watch the video.


British Airways are introducing non-stop flights to Santiago, Chile from Heathrow for 2017 making it easier than ever to reach. You are spoiled for choice in Chile. Santiago itself is up and coming on the food scene with many fine dining restaurants. For wine connoisseurs, you have the famous wine tourist scene south of Napa. Channelling your inner Bear Grylls? Try exploring the Atacama Desert, west of the Andes mountains.

New Zeland

If you are a rugby fan, New Zealand is the place to be this year. They are hosts to the British and Irish Lions tour in June and early July. Ten matches will take place across the country including three test matches against the All Blacks. The tour kicks off at Whangarei, travels through Aukland and Christchurch. Full tour info here. Not interested in rugby? New Zealand is still a stunning country to explore and well worth a place on the list.


Infrastructure in China has improved significantly over the past couple of years. Great news for tourists as it cuts down travel time when exploring this massive country. Experience wonders such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City in Bejing or the rippling waters of Tiger Leaping George tracking through south-west China. City fans will love Shanghai with its Art Deco buildings, bustling bars and restaurants.

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Top European Travel Destinations in 2017

There’s nothing like planning a trip to get the year off to a good start. We’ll be bringing you our top picks from around the world every week in January.

Top European Travel Destinations in 2017:

Lisbon, Portugal

The Portuguese capital has the perfect mix of culture and nightlife. It’s an ideal weekend break for lovers of charming historic architecture and museums. As well as the iconic Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology, the expansion of Madrid’s Arco arts fair, in early 2017 we can expect a new Jewish Museum in Alfama. There are many late night bars and cafes that you can sit outside and watch the world go by.

Matera, Italy

Soon to be made famous as the home of Wonder Woman and her sister Amazons in the new Wonder Woman film. The city itself is constructed of hundreds of 9,000-year-old cave dwellings carved straight from the limestone rock. The effect is magnificent. Although Matera is a fairly reasonably priced place to holiday now, prices are sure to go up once the city gains popularity. There are many bars, galleries and interesting street art to keep you entertained.

Budapest, Hungary

For the foodies out there, Hungarian food is an experience you won’t want to miss. Rich, hearty and comforting, many go for the culinary delights alone. Goulash is the most famous dish and can be prepared many different ways. Budapest city itself is romantic with fine art nouveau architecture. Try the Turkish baths.

Paphos, Cyprus

If year-round sunshine and relaxation is more your style, Paphos will tick the boxes. Not only will you find beautiful beaches, Paphos has a wealth of historical and archaeological attractions. It’s an ideal family holiday destination. For those seeking a more active holiday, you can take your pick of water sports, hiking, golf, horse riding, cycling and exploring the ancient Tombs of the Kings.

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New Year’s Travel Resolutions!

2016 was certainly a year to remember. Make 2017 a year that you will cherish. Kick off the year with some New Year’s Travel resolutions. We have some ideas…

Check off that Bucket List Trip

Is there a dream holiday that you’ve just never gotten around to planning? This year, make travel and creating memories your priority. If money is an issue, work on a travel fund. Time will always be an issue unless you make time.

Become a Weekend Tourist

Have you lived in a city or town for years and never tried the ‘touristy stuff’? Now is the time to start! Make the most of life by using your weekends to explore the city or beautiful natural phenomena around you. Often we take for granted the things closest to us.

Travel Somewhere You’ve Never Been

Tend to stick with the same favourite destinations year after year? This year think about new places you’d love to explore. Make a list and start planning a realistic travel calendar for 2017.

Set up a Travel Fund

Calculate how much you’ll need for your planned trips and continue to add a little bit extra to the fund each month. If your earnings aren’t enough, think of ways you can scale back and add this to the travel fund each month. The small sacrifices will be worth it. This gives you a buffer for spontaneous trips away. Which brings us to our last travel resolution…

Be Spontaneous

Unplanned trips are so much fun. Make use of airline sales and last minute deals to bag yourself a sneaky getaway. Even if it’s only for a weekend, aim to fit in more unplanned trips this year.

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Great UK Winter Walks

After all that rich food over the holidays, it’s good to get out for some fresh air. Here are our top picks of long and short walks across the UK. Get your walking boots on!

Bath, Somerset

6 miles, National Trust Map

Savour the magnificent views of the whole city. The Bath skyline walk takes you on a journey through history, from iron age forts to 18th-century follies.

White Cliffs of Dover, Kent

4 Miles, National Trust Map

For the first time ever, the famous South Foreland lighthouse will be open on New Year’s Day. There are few places less striking than the magical cliffs of Dover. Wrap up well and take in that bracing sea air.

Wragby, Lincolnshire

3.75 miles, Woodland Trust

Winter is a magical time of year to explore the woods. Rich in wildlife, you’ll find lots to see on your wintry walk in Wragby woods. History lovers can explore the medieval and monastic sites on well-worn footpaths.

Montrose Basin, Angus

10 miles, Scottish Wildlife Trust

If you are planning a weekend Winter break, you’ll find some spectacular wildlife experiences just minutes from Montrose town centre. Every year 60,000 pink-footed geese come home to roost among the reed beds and mudflats of Montrose Basin.

Chester’s Roman Fort, Northumberland

2.5 miles, Hadrian’s Hall Guide

Built in a stunning part of Northumberland, the Roman wall has several attractions for you to stop at along the way including two Roman forts. History buffs will love the Roman Vindolanda and Roman Army Museum.

Bolton-le-Sands to Carnforth, Lancashire

4.5 miles, Visit Lancashire

A beautiful towpath walk along the canal with fantastic views of Morecambe Bay and the Lake District.

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Things to do in the UK this Christmas!

We’re all looking forward to having some time off over the festive season (if we’re lucky), so why not make the most of it with one of these seasonal treats?

It’s Panto Season in Liverpool

Oh yes it is! Choose from one of many childhood favourites such as Aladdin, Cinderella, Snow White and Beauty and the Beast. Take a look at the Liverpool Echo’s panto guide for the full Christmas offering. 

1966 World Cup Exhibition, Manchester

If you are a football fan you won’t want to miss this. Share in England’s famous 1966 win with friends and family with a trip to the exhibition over the holidays. Take a trip down memory lane to England’s glory days and see the iconic Jules Rimet trophy. Click here for directions and dates.

Hampton Court Palace Ice Rink, London

Placed in front of Henry VIII’s sixteenth-century palace, this is certainly an ice-rink to remember. It is especially beautiful after dark when the palace lights shine magnificently behind the ice-rink. Ice guides are available for those who aren’t too steady on their stakes.

Discover the World of Beatrix Potter, Northumberland Street

Children of Newcastle have been awed by the Fenwick’s window display’s for years. This year Fenwick’s is celebrating 45 years of lighting up Northumberland Street by bringing the tales of Beatrix Potter to life. Children can see the characters literally leaping off the pages in their innovative display.

Winter Wonderland Magical Christmas Experience, Durham

Durham Botanical Gardens are transformed into a magnificent winter wonderland for the festive season. The two-hour experience promises to take you and the family on a magical, enchanted Christmas journey, guided by your very own Elf.

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How to have a very British Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of our customers! If you’d like to turn back the years and immerse yourself in some of the olde English Christmas traditions, we have a few things in mind to get you in the festive spirit.

Our 10 steps to a very British Christmas:

  1. Send off a snail mail letter to Father Christmas in Lapland to request any last minute gifts for the little nippers.
  2. And that’s “Father Christmas” to us not “Santa” which is a modern American name. 
  3. Pen and post real Christmas cards to all your friends and family. Lets keep this beautiful tradition going strong.
  4. Buy or, even better; make Christmas stockings for all the family to hang at the end of each bed for Father Christmas to fill with gifts. Hanging stockings at the end of the bed (rather than the fireplace) is the old tradition from the days of Dickens.
  5. Don’t forget to leave out mince pies and something for the big man to drink to keep him going on his merry way. Brandy was the traditional drink, although you might want him to stay sober so he can drive.
  6. Go along to a good old fashioned panto to get you into the Christmas spirit. If you fancy a day out in the big smoke, here’s the guide to London Christmas Panto’s or visit a local one near you.
  7. Bake a traditional Christmas pudding for lunch. Here’s a great recipe we found that is sure to be a winner.
  8. Watch Love Actually – not exactly a long held tradition, but it’s getting there! It’s now officially the UK’s favourite Christmas film. Check out what’s on over Christmas!
  9. Christmas crackers are a long-time British tradition and mandatory for everyone at the table. Everyone gets to pull a cracker and read the cheesy joke.
  10. Dine on roast turkey with all the trimmings for Christmas lunch followed by rounds of delicious mince pies.

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