How many Easter Eggs could you buy?

A lot of people are heading off on their Easter travels this week and next, so we’ve been working out how many Easter eggs you could buy with money saved on Taxi travel.

The Cabmania service uses a reverse auction system which gives taxi drivers control of their journey’s and you the best prices. Let’s take a look at how good the savings could be…

If you were travelling to London Heathrow from West London this Easter you could save £46. That is around 15 medium sized Easter eggs!

If you travel from West London to a Stansted Airport flight, you can save a massive £53 by using Cabmania to book. This could get you 135 Cadbury Creme Eggs… How will you eat yours?!

Finally, if you were travelling from South East London to Luton airport you could save up to £51.  For those of you who like the finer things in life, the savings could be spent on 5 luxury Easter eggs.

Our statistics have been worked out using the official airport transfer companies. Our taxi firms are fully licensed and insured, additionally our service promotes independent reviews. Reviews are posted whether good or bad, so you can trust that you are getting what you sign up for.

Our quote service is free and there is no obligation to book. Get a quote for an airport transfer now: Get Quote

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“We were asked not to tell the lady anything…” An Interview with Golan, Founder Cabmania

Hi Golan, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to be interviewed for the blog. My first question is obviously, what was the inspiration behind Cabmania?

A few years ago I was working in an international company and had many overseas trips, taking many airport transfers and I’ve found that booking a taxi was a frustrating thing.

There was no transparency in the market. Booking a taxi was a difficult task, not to mention comparing prices. There were websites but there was nothing that really works in favour of the consumer giving them all the information in one place. I wanted to start a website where it would be safe to book a minicab, reliable and obviously competitive.

There was lack of tools for drivers to fill in their empty returns. They lose money, which translates to higher taxi fare rates to the consumer. If the driver had a tool to help fill in a long journey dead ride, the cost of the overall trip could have split between 2 passengers.

So an idea that you came up with on your own taxi journeys! Now the idea is up and running what do you consider as the most important feature that Cabmania offers?

Right from the start we understood that Cabmania guaranteeing the best possible price would set it apart, has to be easy to use, independent & reliable. It has to be a tool where our customers would find it easy to use and would come back to it as they are guaranteed the best price.

We worked very hard to make it user friendly and we value all the comments and reviews we receive good or bad. We check all the companies who are registered with so they are all legally operating and we publish the reviews that we receive without filtering.

No filtering seems like it could be quite a challenge! How did you come up with the idea for giving reviews?

The reviews are a very important. I would even say, a crucial feature of our service, they act both ways to the customers as well as to the drivers. For our customers it gives confidence and assurance when they make the booking, no one really wants to get out of a terminal after a long flight and to find out the taxi is not there. Reading the reviews gives that confidence and assurance that it is a reliable service and can be counted on to make their booking.

Another important thing we have noticed is as we share the reviews with our drivers it pushes them to deliver a better service. The taxi companies that have received good reviews perform much better on our Cabmania – they get more bookings – so good reviews translate immediately to more business for them, they understand that and work hard to maintain their reputation.

The taxi business is notorious for exciting stories, have you come across any unusual journeys while working on Cabmania?

We do come across unusual requests, last week a student booked a taxi to move her apartment, she was surprised to get a luxurious Mercedes, in another instance we were asked to pick up a lady from her house in North London and drive her to the airport, this was an anniversary surprise trip booked by her husband and we were asked not to tell the lady anything, even that she was being driven to the airport!

Wow, that must have been an exciting anniversary trip! So do you consider Cabmania to be a purely consumer service?

Well, we want to see more and more people using it! We would encourage corporates to use it to save on their transportation costs. We can offer a reliable service that could integrate into any existing businesses IT infrastructure, giving CFOs transparency on their employees taxi bookings as well as live reports and huge savings.

Finally that brings us to the end of our chat, before you go – where are you aiming to take Cabmania in the future?

We truly believe we have a winning model, combining reliability and still delivering the best possible price. The price comparison model works for more and more people as they wish to get better value for their money, we can see that with insurance, credit cards, flights, hotels etc and we were the 1st ones who ever did it for taxis so the future looks bright to us and we’re happy to be where we are and to keep pushing forward.

Get a free taxi quote using Golan’s reverse auction system

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Staying Safe, tips for Taxi Drivers

Over the last week national and local press have covered several stories where minicab drivers have been attacked or assaulted. This got us thinking – how vulnerable are minicab drivers? And more importantly what can be done to keep drivers, and their taxis safe?

One of the most important things to do is to make sure that you always operate within the law. As tempting as a filling an empty return on the sly may be, it isn’t a good move. The law is there to protect you, and your profession. If you step outside of the legal limits, you put yourself at risk of anything from non-payment to false claims, and there will be no procedures to help.

Secondly make sure that you give and take as much information as possible from your passenger when they book. Making sure that you know exactly what to expect means that you can prepare for the journey ahead. If it is a late night trip there may be someone a little tipsy, so make sure you know where is suitable to let someone out early if they are ill.

Likewise, if they are taking their family on holiday, make sure you know how much luggage space they will need. Making sure you have accurate and plentiful information about your taxi passengers will prevent any awkward conversations, or having to decide which suitcase to leave behind!

Making sure that people have booked your services in advance and that the price is set out is another good way to keep your taxi calm. Remind your passengers of the agreed price before setting off to make sure they have a chance to back out or can ask you to stop at an ATM en route.

The Cabmania service only takes on fully licensed and registered taxis, minicabs and private hire vehicles. We act as a middleman matching you with your best passengers, filling empty returns and most importantly gathering important information such as special requirements. Your customers register their details with us, and you set out the prices and services that you have on offer.

Don’t forget you have the right to refuse a passenger if they are behaving in an aggressive or unsafe way. If your passenger is acting badly, stick to well known and busy areas and ask them to leave the taxi at a safe place. You shouldn’t feel unsafe in your workplace and we wouldn’t want you to either!

Find out details about the Cabmania service


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Stay safe, prebook your minicab!

You are likely familiar with the Cabwise campaign aiming to make taxi travel safer. At Cabmania we are in full support of staying safe when you’re out and about, and of course saving you money.

Taking an unbooked cab can put you in danger of attacks or robbery, and its really simple to book a cab in advance. Using an app, or a local taxi service make sure you know what time they will pick you up, where from and the drivers name. Leave your name for extra security, if they don’t know who you are, don’t get in the taxi!

We only accept licensed and registered minicabs on our service. Our taxi firms are individually rated by their Cabmania customer, which gives you even more information on what to expect.

Minicab drivers aren’t allowed to pick you up unless you have booked in advance, by doing so they are breaking the law. You can tell a minicab is licensed as they have a sticker in the window and will display their license next to their number plate. Even when fully licensed it is against the law for them to pick you up without an official booking.

Booking a minicab can be done via phone, email or app. If you are booking your taxi well in advance, for example for a birthday night out or airport transfer, it is a good idea to check and confirm your booking nearer to the time for added peace of mind.

With booking a taxi can be 70% cheaper than going direct, because local firms are competing in a reverse auction for your trade. It’s a no brainer, book up, stay safe and save money. If you’re headed out this weekend why not get some quotes now?

Get a Minicab Quote

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Which Taxi App?

There are hundreds of taxi apps being added to the mix every day. From London centred cab hailing apps, to private hire bookings and late night taxi calls it’s difficult to know which taxi app – if any – you should try!

The benefit of a taxi app is that it is handy and easy to use, the groundwork is done and all you need to do is book in. But while individual taxi firms have apps, they only serve small geographical areas. How do you find a reliable cab when you’re further from home? has recognized this as a big issue for taxi firm operators and travellers alike. There hasn’t really been much room for collaboration or blurring the lines of taxi hire boundaries. Nobody wants a taxi patch war on their hands!

Cabmania works with thousands of cab, private hire and chauffer services across the UK to tie together the mish mash of different apps, and more importantly to match the right taxi with the right customer.

The Cabmania app operates a reverse auction, and bases the results on where the customer is and what they need. Quotes for Heathrow Airport taxi transfers go to taxi firms near to Heathrow, and the same for Manchester Airport or even Edinburgh!

The Cabmania app is available on Android, or via Facebook apps. Its simple to use, and you can also access reviews from previous journeys. We’re always keeping you up to date on social media too, so come and talk to us on Twitter and Facebook, for customer service assistance, or just to find out more about news in the private hire industry.

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Book a UK Taxi from anywhere in the world

If you’re headed to the UK for the first time you’re going to love it – home of The Beatles, The British Royals, Tea, Scones and Shakespeare. There is so much to do and if you’re savvy with your planning, you won’t waste a minute of your trip.

If you’re planning your own excursions it is a good idea to book your transport in advance to make sure that you fit in everything you want to. You will need to know how many of you there will be and what kind of budget you’re working with.

If you’re staying in the city then you may find public transport is an easy option, but if you’re planning on going further afield then a private hire taxi cab can be the perfect option.

We ( run a free reverse auction taxi hire service. You put in your destinations and we will match you to the most suitable taxi companies. Taxi firms put forward their prices and you can book based on price, service rating and availability.

To really make the most of your time you can pre-book your taxi from anywhere in the world using the Cabmania Facebook app. On average users save 70% on an airport transfer and if you do the same for all your journeys you will be making a huge saving.

We recommend taking in some sights in the cities like Penny Lane, Liverpool and Buckingham Palace, London. There are also some amazing experiences to have in the countryside, from cider tasting to pub lunches and country walks!

If you are keen to find out more about where you are going let the taxi operator know, they may be able to match you with a driver who has local knowledge and is happy to give you a flying tour.

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More Saving, More Spending Money…

Families in the UK shockingly spend around £2000 to holiday in Europe* and much more to go further afield. In tough financial times it is more important than ever to save money on holiday essentials like insurance, airport transfers and hotels.

There are great savings you can make before you get to the airport, if you know where to look. And we all know that more saving means more spending money on the holiday!

Take time to plan how you will get to the airport, if you are getting a lift from a friend then a bunch of flowers and a stick of rock might be ok, but airport parking or taking a taxi needs price comparison.

Taking your own car to the airport is convenient. Pack up the night before and head out in the dead of night for your flight. Airport parking can cost as much as £130** for a week, so do your homework and make sure that you get the best deal. Shop around, ask your friends and check all of the options.

You are most likely to get the best deal if you book well in advance of your trip. Make sure to check the distance from your terminal, as you may need to take a transfer bus from the car park.

Taking a taxi to the airport is a door-to-door fail safe. Plus, it’s not as expensive as you might think. By comparing Taxi firms and sourcing packaged deals you can save money. Cabmania uses a reverse auction system for bookings meaning that you can compare and choose a taxi based on price and customer service.

You can make on average a 70% saving on a minicab airport transfer. A private hire taxi transfer could be cheaper than airport parking, so get your free quotes in advance and plan your budget wisely.

Finally, if you live in a city or large town you may be able to use public transport to save money on your airport transfer. Travelling with a family in tow maybe tricky, so make sure you have a complete plan before heading out. You could take a bus, tube or train and it is a very cheap method.

We’d recommend picking public transport only if everyone in your party is capable of carrying their own luggage, as this will make any changes easier. Make sure that you check timetables and updates. You don’t want to miss the last train!

Saving money on your airport transfer is an easy way to add a few more pounds to the spending money. So what are you waiting for? Compare transfer options, find cheap deals and bring on the spending money!

Check taxi prices now

*The Guardian, Consumer Affairs

**Official Heathrow Parking, 1 week, Business Car Park Terminal 4





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Latest Gadgets for Taxis or Cabs

Technology has become a very important part of our lives, even in areas which won’t be your first guess in terms of technological applications: the taxis industry. This just goes to reaffirm the saying that technology is like rolling snowball down the mountains side. It gathers moment and mass and stopping it is impossible.

Technology is being used to make our experience of taxis and cabs safer, convenient and most importantly get us to our destination in the fastest way possible. There are various gadgets that have been developed to enhance our experience in the taxis.

The following are some of the innovative gadgets for cabs and taxis, meant to make our experience of taxi ride safer, comfortable and cut down on the time taken to reach destinations:

Cell Phone Blocking: This is a gadget which once fitted in the taxi will block any cell phone’s incoming calls and text while the driver is engaged. Which means the driver won’t have to answer his/her phone while driving. It however doesn’t interfere with the cell phone of passengers inside the cab.

Way Finding Gadget: These gadgets help the driver to know the route to locations as well as determine the fastest routes to such places. This is especially useful if the driver is not familiar with the destination the passenger is intending to travel to.

Biometric or Radio Frequency Identification: This is especially important to the taxi company owners. At times the hired drivers may slack off the job and let a friend or a relative drive on their behalf; this could pose danger especially to the passenger in the event the substitute unauthorized driver did not pass the safety and skill test needed by the taxi company.

Wi-Fi Capability: This gives the passenger internet access while they are inside the cab. They can check their emails, surf the web, do some shopping, and book flight while on their way to the airport among other things.

Real-Time Interactivity: This enables both the driver and the passengers to contact customer service support of the cab’s company. It comes in handy in terms of surveillance on driver compliance, compliments and complaints the passenger may wish to let the company know of.

With all this gadgets being installed in cabs, there are accompanying apps which make the experience even more convenient. Developers are constantly coming up with various apps which both the driver and the passenger can install in their smartphones.

London cabs have joined up mobile app developer in developing apps tailor made for getting a taxi. With this app a customer doesn’t need to call the cab company or go out and wait for a cab in the streets. Using the app installed in his Smartphone, she/he simply books a cab, gives the destination where the cab should come pick him or her and just wait. Cabmania is the easiest way to get a taxi through online. To download and search for more apps, sky phone number is the best service for broadbanding in UK and Ireland.

It is also useful to the driver, since they don’t have to drive around looking for fair, they simply run the app and a list of customers who want a taxi ride shows up. Then they decide which customer they want to go and pick up.

Author Bio:

Melody Cleo is a passionate blogger from Manchester,UK. In is free time, she writes articles on various topics such as technology, gadgets, travel…etc. As of now she is focusing on Sky Contact Number, which provides information regarding broadband services, radio services and television services.

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Upcoming planned Cabmania site upgrade

Upcoming planned Cabmania site upgrade

Dear Sir/Madam,

As you are aware, Cabmania continues to make significant investments and improvements to its infrastructure to better serve its customers and partners.

These improvements sometimes require us to perform necessary site maintenance upgrades.

On the night between the 11th to the 12th of May 2013, from approximately midnight (00:00 am) to 06:00 am BST, the service will not be available. Please make the appropriate preparations to have the information you require from the website for offline use.

Please reference our blog for specific details and updates.

We appreciate your patience as we continue to improve our services. Thank you for your understanding.



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Cabmania hits 3000 registered taxis

Cabmania keeps expanding the coverage for you: we continue to expand with more and more PHV operators and Hackney Cabs registering on our site. By the end of last week Cabmania has over 3000 vehicles available online from the various operators and Taxis.

Cabmania continues to grow as more and more Private Hire Operators and Taxi firms join us and register on the site to be able to offer their services to you, the end customer. We want to allow you the best and most varied choice all over the UK.

With over 26,000 customers that have already used the site this year we keep seeing that numbers of customers are growing consistently.

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